Whill Personal Electric Vehicles

In 2010, Whill was introduced to the mobility market.  It all began with a single user’s voice: “I’ve even given up on going to the grocery store just two blocks away.”  This was a simple statement from a friend which started the idea of the Whill Electric Vehicle brand.  He was the user of a regular wheelchair user who didn't like the negative attention he received when using his chair in public.  In his mind, he was seen as someone who was sick or weak. 



He was known to be a fun-loving, social, and very independent, and we wanted everyone to be able to see the person we have all known to love.  This encouraged the Whill brand to set out and create a mobility device that would empower their friend and give him back the enthusiasm for life he always had.  A mobility device that would not only change the way he felt in public, but change the way the public felt about him!  

After a year of development, this vehicle was exhibited at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show.  This caused a huge, positive reaction from this unit and it encouraged the brand to start its existence.   



Whill Personal Electric Vehicle and The Top Reasons Why You Should Choose One:

  • Multiple Terrains - This mobility device is all wheel drive and has a patented omni-wheel technology which allows the unit to travel on many types of surfaces.
  • Great Warranty - This chair has one of the best warranties in the industry, for added peace of mind.
  • Optimal Stability - The Model Ci is capable of safely navigating inclines of up to 10 degrees with ease and offers anti-sway technology.
  • Great For Outdoors - Unit performs great in outdoor terrains such as grass and gravel.
  • Tight Turning Radius - With its omni-wheel technology, this chair is capable of having one of the tightest turning radius's in the industry.
  • Airline Approved - Unit is approved for airline travel.
  • World Class Engineering - This brand clearly has the best engineering on the market and it is evident once you sit the seat of one of these.



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Whill Model Ci Portable Power Wheelchair


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