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David Eidem
Chair #2

I had this same chair for 4 years. I liked this chair enough to buy a new one just like it to replace the first one. Planning to donate the first one since there is still life in it.

Bruce Collier

Pride Jazzy 600 ES Mid-Wheel Power Chair J600ES

Update to my Mar 18th review.

This chair is very good, but to be honest, I am rough on chairs. So it has gone thru many rough and tough situations during the last almost month.

I live in the mountains of Western NC, and many driveways are gravel. Some are tough to navigate, but most are okay.

Just wish they included a spanner wrench to adjust the shocks because it is set up for only flat surfaces delivered. I will adjust the shocks to better handle uneven ground and see how that works.

Batteries seem to be very good, just do not like the battery power indicator. It says full power then once it hits one light off, it drains fast. That is not the chair nor the batteries fault, it is the programming.

Although not 100% or 5 stars on the chair. I give it five stars on the service.

And I did receive the "FREE GIFTS" the arm pouch and cup holder. They just came later. Thank you!

I will destroy this chair as with any chair within three years. I am not gentle with my chairs, I need to go outside and do stuff.

Too new to totally rate

I am a bi-lateral AKA so with the foot plate it may be different for you.

Just received it today, ordered Sunday the 15th in the afternoon it arrived in 3 business days, Wed the 18th about 3 PM. Amazing!

As for the chair itself, it handles everything I need it to so far. Steep ramp both up and down. High door jamb is a breeze. Took it in the yard over some rough areas, too wet and raining but it handled them perfectly. Just haven't taken it to the backyard and basement, like I said too wet and raining.

Also took it throughout the house like my daily routine, love the small turning radius. It turns in place, just the distance of the casters. My smallest door is 30 inches, it fits through with space to spare. Also have a door at the bottom of a ramp on a 4 foot by 4 foot landing at a right angle, clears it very well.

Assembled so easy, I thought I was doing it wrong. Hardest part was to tie up the joystick wire so it didn't hang out too far.

Only downside I see is the headrest is in the way to use the rear seat pouch easily, no problem, I will leave it off.

And I never received the free gift cup holder and arm pouch.


Great! my wife loves it, it's is very sturdy, maneuverable and powerful, also easy to operate and responsive,

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