Low Price Guarantee

We believe that you deserve the best prices online and we work hard to do ensure of that. If you see another online website that has a lower price than us within 6 months of your date of purchase, please let us know and we’ll be happy to refund the difference to your original payment method. Simply email us the link at info@electricwheelchairsusa.com to the exact product and brand from our website and also the link from our competitors website so we can inspect the pricing and we will review your submission and apply a credit if it qualifies for one.


Our Low Price Guarantee Has Some Limitations:

  • The item must have already been purchased from our site prior to asking for this to be reviewed and submitted.

  • This does not include rebate programs or specific retailer programs such as buy three get one free type offers or any combination such as that are not eligible

  • The item will need to be in stock from the competitors site that you’re submitting the information from

  • The competitor must be an online store, they may not have a retail location (warehouse, showroom, or physical location)

  • The website cannot be a wholesaler, liquidator, distributor, or auction website. Examples are eBay, Liquidation.com, Via Trading, overstock, etc.

  • The competitor must also be someone who has been authorized by the supplier and/or manufacturer to resell the product you are inquiring about

  • The Low Price Guarantee must also include the product listing price and the shipping total, but will exclude any sales tax that gets added at the final purchasing invoice

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