Vintage Vehicles USA Mobility Scooters

Vintage Vehicles USA is a premiere manufacturing distributor of the unique and stylish Gatsby.  Their units are made with fine tuned engineering and the bery best manufacturing technology available on the market today.  Built with the user in mind, Vintage Vehicles USA is dedicated to ensuring you are receiving one of the smoothest and most comfortable rides in the market.  The fun and stylish Gatsby pays homage to the classic Model ‘T’ Ford with an throw back style and design.   Vintage Vehicles USA designs mobility scooters that tap into the nostalgia of the old American automobiles, yet have modern technological features and quality.



There are actually two types of the Gatsby.  The Gatsby and Gatsby X.  The primar difference between the is the Gatsby X has a higher weight capacity of 500 lbs and a stronger motor.  The Gatsby has a great weight capacity as well at 350 lbs and has a powerful motor that is also not to shabby with its 950W motor.  Vintage Vehicles USA has made two options of your choice red or black.


Vintage Vehicles USA Mobility Scooters and Why You Should Choose One

  • Premium Electronics - Vintage Vehicles USA designs their products with digital electronic dashboard and controls, including a high/low gear switch.
  • Fast Shipping - Get your product in transit to you with tracking supplied in 1-2 days.  Vintage Vehicles USA gets their products out the door quickly so you can enjoy your product.
  • Best Tech Support - Vintage Vehicles USA has a dedicated tech support in Deptford, NJ that will ensure your questions is answered the first time, every time.
  • Luxury Design - The Gatsby Series by Vintage Vehicles USA were designed for people enjoy luxury.
  • Regain Your Independence - With the Gatsby from Vintage Vehicles, you can relive what its like to have your freedom and stay out about longer than other mobility scooters in its class.
  • Impressive Speed - With top speeds around 10 mph, Vintage Vehicles USA makes sure you will get to where you need to go in your Gatsby.



You can feel confident when buying a Vintage Vehicles USA product from Electric Wheelchairs USA.  We offer free shipping, financing options, free gifts with every Vintage Vehicles USA purchase, and a low price guarantee so you can feel confident that you are getting the best price.


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