Best Lift Chairs

For someone who has a hard time getting out of a chair, you may want to consider purchasing a lift chair to make your life easier.  You may have bad knees, a bad back, or simply just don't have the energy or strength to get out of your seat.  It is nice to have someone there to help you get out of your chair, but not everyone has someone there to help them or maybe you don't want to ask for help and prefer being independent.  There is a solution for someone who is in this situation:  They are called lift chairs.  With a lift chair, if you need to stand up, these type of chairs will gives you a comfortable boost until you are comfortable enough to stand on your own two feet.  Likewise, if sitting down gently is a problem for you, you can comfortably back into your chair, lean back and allow the lift chair to slowly move you back to a sitting position.  This can all be done at the push of a button!



Lift Chairs and The Different Types


2 Position Lift Chairs

These type of lift chairs normally recline just a few inches while the seat rises and the ottoman rises as well.  They are perfect if you want to do a simple task such as read a book, watch television, or use a computer.  These type of lift chairs are similar to a recliner or a lounge chair except they have the ability to lift the user when exiting the chair.


3 Position Lift Chairs

With a 3 position lift chair, you can recline to same position of a 2 position, but recline even further back.  These type of lift chairs recline further back than a traditional recliner chair to a point of almost a full recline position, but having a slight V shape.  3 Position lift chairs are for people who want to sit a lounge or sleeping position.  They also have a single motor operating system that can be stopped in any position.


Zero Gravity Lift Chairs

One of the biggest benefits of a zero gravity lift chair is that they can take pressure off your heart and increase your blood circulation.  Otherwise referred to as infinite position, these type of lift chairs have an unlimited number of positions.  These lift chairs operate off of 2 motors; one for the ottoman and one for the seat.  This allows the user to tilt and raise the seat, while adjusting the legs up or down at the same time. 


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