Afikim Mobility Scooters

Afikim Electric Vehicles, also known as Afiscooters offers a vast range of heavy-duty mobility scooters that combine advanced technology, easy operation, and stylish design. Afikim pays special attention to the experience of the rider, designing its electric scooters with easy-to-use controls, an adjustable suspension, sturdy construction, and orthopedic seating. With these features, and advanced research and development, this company ensures the rider has a smooth, safe, and comfortable ride.

All of their products are produced in some of the best manufacturing facilities in the world and have one of the best warranties and technical support to ensure there is long term reliability and years of service.  These scooters are built to last and offer a wide range of speed.

An added benefit of these scooters is that they are made with a built-in safety system that halts and stops the vehicle if the driver loses control.  All of these units can be used on different kinds of terrain including grass, pavement, and sand.

Afikim Mobility Scooter