Enhance Mobility Folding Travel Scooters

Enhance Mobility is a US manufacturer and distributor of some of the best performing folding mobility scooters on the market.  These folding mobility scooters are designed to making traveling easy because they are light weight, portable and fun!  These scooters are designed to be fun, portable, and light weight for easy travel.  One of the most prominent features that they all of them are airline approved, so you can maintain your active lifestyle where ever you go.  

Enhance Mobility carries a product line of mobility scooters call Triaxe.  What makes these scooters unique is that they combine an electric hub and transaxle motor that are the most technologically advanced units in the folding scooter market.  Include that along with their durable design, lightweight aluminum frame, and airline approved lithium ion batteries, these units are sure to please anyone who likes to stay active.  Both the Triaxe Sport T3045 and the Triaxe Tour T3050 have batteries that allow for airline travel.  

Another popular unit by Enhance Mobility, is The Transformer.  This mobility scooter offers many great standard features, is easily portable, and has an impressive 300 lbs weight capacity.  The Transformer also folds and unfold with ease by simply pushing a button on a wireless remote control.  So touching the unit is not even a concern and best of all this unit is airline approved, so you can take it with you where ever you go! 

The last but not least folding mobility scooter by Enhance Mobility is the Mobie Plus.  This unit is also airline approved, has an impressive 13 miles battery, range and also offers a 300 lbs weight capacity.

Enhance Mobility Folding Travel Scooters and Why You Should Choose One

  • Airline Approved - All Enhance Mobility scooters are approved for airline travel, so you can take them with you where ever you go.
  • Best Tech Support - Enhance Mobility has a dedicated tech support department that helps back up their industry leading warranty plans.
  • Longer Battery Life - Not only are Enhance Mobility's scooters lightweight, they also come with a longer battery life, so you can stay out longer.
  • Product Innovation - Employing some of the best engineers in the industry, Enhance Mobility is always enhancing and innovating their products.
  • Product Safety - Regain your confidence and stability with an Enhance Mobility folding travel scooter.  Their mobility scooters are put through rigorous quality control checks to ensure you have a safe unit.
  • Environmentally Friendly - All Enhance Mobility travel scooters are powered off of electric and product no emissions.
  • Lightweight - Enhance Mobility manufacturers and designs some of the lightest travel scooter on the market today.
  • Regain Your Independence - Get your freedom back with Enhance Mobility's products.  They were designed to help people get back to enjoying life again.



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