eFOLDi emerged from a story of innovation and resilience, born when inventor Jianmin Wang, facing his own mobility challenges, sketched the first design for an ideal mobility scooter. This ingenuity led to the creation of eFOLDi, a brand that symbolizes freedom, friendship, and fun for those with reduced mobility. Under the leadership of Sumi Wang, who left a 15-year career to build her father's legacy, eFOLDi has grown into an iconic brand, earning accolades such as the British Invention of the Year and support from Sir Richard Branson.

eFoldi Lite and eFoldi Explorer

The eFOLDi Lite and eFOLDi Explorer stand at the forefront of eFOLDi's innovative range. The eFOLDi Lite, weighing just 33 lbs without the battery, is celebrated for its super-lightweight and compact design, making it perfect for easy portability and travel. On the other hand, the eFOLDi Explorer, while also impressively light at 37 lbs without the battery, distinguishes itself with a top speed of 8 mph, offering a blend of speed and convenience in a compact, foldable design. Both models exemplify eFOLDi's commitment to enhancing mobility with practical, user-friendly solutions.

eFoldi Lite Lightweight Mobility Scooter


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