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Moving Life is a unique folding mobility scooter brand that was founded by Nino Ransenberg.  Nino is an entrepreneur and polio victim who travels often and his physical limitation was not only frustrating but a real barrier with what he can do.   However, he was not willing to settle with the current mobility aids offer on the market.  He wanted to something that will assist him with his busy schedule using an innovative solution.

This led to the idea of a unique foldable scooter called the ATTO.  It certainly does not resemble anything else on the market today.  This unit is a refreshing, new, innovative product, that looks nothing like anything else available.

Being airline approved and the ability to break down into 2 easy to manage pieces, the ATTO can easily fit into any vehicle, including taxis and mini cars.  Apart from its superb functionality, this scooter's unique design is sure to turn heads and get compliments.

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Atto Moving Life Folding Scooter

Moving Life Atto Folding Scooter for Sale

The ATTO Scooter is the ultimate in folding scooters, perfect for travel with its sleek design and easy portability. FAA approved, lightweight, and packed with features for a smooth travel experience.

A left view of the MovingLife Atto Folding Mobility Scooter, a compact and portable electric wheelchair perfect for travel and everyday use.
A compact and foldable mobility scooter, the Moving Life Atto, broken down for easy transport.
Max Speed: 4 mph
Weight capacity: 265 pounds
Drive range: 12 miles
Seat Width: 22 inch

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Experience the ultimate in folding scooters with the ATTO Scooter. This sleek and stylish scooter can be effortlessly pulled behind you like luggage when folded, providing luxury and convenience for those in need of mobility assistance.

Traveling by air? The ATTO is your perfect companion. FAA approved and suitable for airline travel, this scooter can be conveniently carried onboard as a carry-on item. Weighing only 62 lbs and easily split into two pieces, with the heaviest piece at just 36 lbs, boarding your flight has never been easier.

Beyond its portability, the ATTO offers three fixed seat settings, an adjustable tiller, optional armrests for extra support, and ample under-seat storage. Approved by airlines and designed for quick folding and unfolding, this Moving Life power chair ensures a smooth travel experience wherever you go.


  • This unit weighs just 62 lbs and can be split into 2 pieces
  • Great maneuverability and a top speed of 4 mph
  • FAA approved and safe for airline travel
  • The brakes are very responsive to ensure safe stops every time
  • Packs up like a little carry on bag


  • Not designed for driving on grass, gravel and sand
  • Limited storage options
  • Not designed for heavier individuals

About Moving Life

Experience the freedom and style that only the ATTO folding mobility scooter can offer. Born from the innovative mind of Nino Ransenberg, an entrepreneur directly aware of the challenges mobility limitations can present, the ATTO is designed to redefine mobility aids. 

Nino, a determined individual who refused to be constrained by his physical limitations, envisioned a scooter that could seamlessly integrate into the active lifestyle he led despite being affected by polio.

Enter the ATTO: not just any mobility scooter but a testament to creativity and independence. Its design is unparalleled, steering clear of conventional looks and opting instead for a modern, eye-catching aesthetic that doesn't just serve as a mobility aid but also as a statement piece.

What sets the ATTO apart is its exceptional functionality combined with sleek design. Airline approved and ingeniously engineered to disassemble into two manageable parts, the ATTO promises effortless transition from the cobblestones of ancient cities to the carpeted aisles of commercial airliners. 

Whether you're sliding it into the trunk of a taxi or a compact car, the ATTO adjusts to your travel needs without compromising on style or performance.

The ATTO's unique design is not only practical but also a conversation starter, ensuring that wherever you go, you’re bound to attract attention and admiration. 

Say goodbye to the mundane and hello to mobility freedom with the ATTO—a scooter that doesn’t just get you where you need to be but does so with flair.

Features and Advantages of Moving Life Scooters

What sets Moving Life scooters apart is not just their functionality but their innovative design. Here are key features that distinguish these scooters:

  • Durability: Constructed with high-quality materials, these scooters are built to last, providing reliable service over the years.

  • Portability: The revolutionary folding design ensures that it can be easily transported, fitting comfortably in the trunk of a car. This feature is especially beneficial for those who travel or frequently move from place to place.

  • Ease of Use: With intuitive controls and a user-friendly interface, Moving Life scooters are accessible to individuals of varying abilities, ensuring a seamless transition for first-time users.

ATTO Moving Life Folding Mobility Scooter and the Top Reasons You Need One:

Always Growing

Employing some of the best engineers in the industry, Moving Life is always innovating and truly has one of the best units on the market.

Long Lasting

The life expectancy of this unit is 10 years and can last even longer if proper maintenance is done regularly.

Lightweight Design

Once the unit is separated into two pieces, the heaviest side weighs just 37.5 lbs.

High Ground Clearance

Unlike other folding scooters on the market, this unit offers 4 inch ground clearance.

Environmentally Friendly

Operating off of electric power, this scooter produces zero gas emissions.

No Assembly

Once the unit arrives, it is fully assembled and ready to ride!

Great Tech Support

You can feel confident in getting your questions answered by Moving Life's technical support team. They are very knowledgeable about the product.


Regain your confidence and independence with the ATTO.

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