3 Best Standing Wheelchairs [2024]

The Karman powerchairs with stand up functions offer a ton of health benefits previously not available to people with mobility problems.

These chairs help improve blood circulation whilst stretching the body.

They also ensure proper kidney and bladder function, while improving muscle tone.

Standing helps prevent bone calcification, which reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

Additionally, these chairs offer therapeutic benefits. They come with a comfortable gel seat and back cushions, as well as height and angle adjustable footrests.


Karman XO-101 Standing Wheelchair

Best Standing Wheelchair

Introducing the Karman Healthcare XO-101 Stand-Up Wheelchair - the best deal for a manual stand-up wheelchair! Includes all necessary features and accessories, at a fraction of the cost. Experience the quality and value today!

Image of the Karman XO-101 standing wheelchair, captured from a side view.
Image of the Karman XO-101 battery, a compact and sleek power source for mobility devices.
Seat Width 16 inch., 18 inch.
Seat Depth 18 inch., 19 inch., 20 inch.
Armrest Height 9 inch.
Seat Height 20 inch.
Back Height 16 – 19 inch.
Overall Height 35 inch. – 55 3/4 inch.
Overall Width 24 1/2 inch
Overall Length 39 1/2 inch.
Weight Capacity 250 lbs.

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Introducing the Karman Healthcare XO-101 Stand-Up Wheelchair - the best deal you can get for a manual stand-up wheelchair! Not only does it come at an unbeatable price, but it also offers features that you'd typically find on wheelchairs that cost five times as much!

With the XO-101, you get everything you need included - batteries, cushions, anti-tippers, supporting straps, footplates, full-length armrests with a swing-away controller feature, and seat & back adjustments. No wonder this wheelchair is in such high demand!

Experience the quality and value of the XO-101 for yourself.


  • Enjoy a weightless ride with the Karman XO-101, weighing only 56 lb. total!
  • Get superior corrosion and wear resistance with its 6061 T-6 Aircraft Grade aluminum frame powder coating
  • Feel safe and secure with its thick contoured side panel, nickel metal hydrate battery and Lloyd high powered controller box
  • Experience convenience at its best with easy push button stand up position, quick release detachable rear wheels and breathable nylon upholstery seat and back w/ pouch/zipper fanny pack


  • No headrest
  • No locked storage compartment for valuables
  • No overhead canopy option

Karman XO-202 Standing Wheelchair

Electric Standing Wheelchair

Introducing the Karman Healthcare XO-202, a durable standing power chair that offers numerous health benefits, including the ability to stand, reducing muscle contraction and bone decalcification, and decreasing the risk of osteoporosis.

Image of the Karman XO-202 standing position wheelchair, showcasing its sleek design and functionality.
Image of the Karman XO-202 motor from a side view, showcasing its sleek design and powerful features.
Seat Width 14 inch., 16 inch., 18 inch.
Seat Depth 18 inch., 19 inch., 20 inch.
Battery Range 25 miles per change
Max Speed 5 mph
Armrest Height 8.5 inch.
Seat Height 25 inch.
Back Height 19 inch.

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Looking for a durable standing power chair? Look no further than the Karman Healthcare XO-202. This chair offers many health benefits that were previously unavailable to wheelchair users.

One of these benefits is the ability to stand, reducing muscle contraction and bone decalcification. This helps decrease the risk of osteoporosis and allows for a more normal lifestyle. And that's just the beginning - there are even more health benefits provided by this amazing power chair.


  • Enhance your well-being and independence with a standing power chair
  • Help reduce urinary tract infection, skeletal deformity, and pressure sores
  • Improve reach and passive range of motion with adjustable settings
  • Relieve nerve pain while keeping vital organs functioning & healthy circulation
  • Drive safely in the standing position for maximum freedom and convenience


  • Requires a dedicated storage space when transporting in a vehicle
  • No locked storage compartment for valuables
  • No overhead canopy option

Karman XO-505 Standing Wheelchair

Standing Wheelchair for Sale

Karman Healthcare offers the XO-505, a standing power chair with exceptional maneuverability and advanced features. It allows for full sit to stand power, reclining, and leg elevation, and prioritizes safety with rear shock absorbers and multiple safety harnesses. Experience freedom and comfort with Karman Healthcare.

Image of the Karman Healthcare XO-505 power wheelchair, showcasing a seated view.
Image of the Karman Healthcare XO-505 electric wheelchair with joystick control.
Seat Width 18 inch.
Seat Depth 18 inch.
Seat Height 23 inch.
Seat-Footplate Range 17.5 inch. ~ 20.5 inch.
Back Height 25 inch.
Overall Height 56.5 inch. w/ Headrest (46.6 inch without Headrest)
Overall Width 28 inch.
Overall Length 45 inch.
Armrest Height 8.5 inch.

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Karman Healthcare is dedicated to improving lives by providing high-quality and innovative mobility products that exceed customer expectations. Their most remarkable product is the XO-505, a standing power chair that offers exceptional maneuverability and advanced features for ultimate comfort.

Experience top performance and impeccable design with the XO-505. Its six-wheel design and rear shock absorbers make it perfect for tackling even the toughest outdoor terrains. This unit allows for full sit to stand power, as well as reclining and leg elevation. Plus, the user-friendly LCD display makes controlling the chair a breeze, while the front and rear wheels ensure perfect balance in any position.

But that's not all - the XO-505 also offers a power standing, power recline, and power legrest feature. Imagine being able to stand up effortlessly, a benefit that was once impossible. In just under 15 seconds, you can transition to a standing position and even adjust the angle to your liking. And when you're ready to relax, the chair allows you to recline back and elevate your legs, providing maximum comfort and relieving pressure.

Karman Healthcare prioritizes the safety and security of their users. That's why the XO-505 is equipped with rear shock absorbers and multiple safety harnesses. With a large footplate, leg straps for full leg support, a safety belt, and a dual chest harness, you can engage in activities you never thought possible before.

Experience the freedom and possibilities that the XO-505 standing power chair offers. Discover a new level of mobility and comfort with Karman Healthcare.


  • Improve your mobility and independence with the Karman XO-505 Standing Power Chair
  • Enhance your overall wellbeing by reducing urinary tract infections, pressure sores, and nerve pain
  • Drive in the standing position safely and securely while relieving pressure and increasing circulation
  • Maintain your vital organ capacity and bone density while decreasing skeletal deformity
  • Take advantage of improved reach and passive ranges of motion for a greater quality of life


  • Requires a dedicated storage space when transporting in a vehicle
  • No locked storage compartment for valuables
  • No overhead canopy option

What Is A Standing Wheelchair And Why Is It Beneficial For People With Disabilities

Wheelchair-bound individuals often experience a loss of freedom and independence, which is truly heartbreaking.

However, the amazing benefits of a standing wheelchair offer the potential to regain that lost independence. These innovative wheelchairs easily transition from a seated position to a supported standing position, eliminating the need to transfer out of the wheelchair.

With a standing wheelchair, you can confidently tackle daily tasks on your own, making it especially valuable if your home is not modified.

You'll be able to reach items from higher cupboards and comfortably prepare food on a countertop. The benefits of a standing wheelchair also extend to the work environment, as many tasks are performed while standing.

But that's not all – a standing wheelchair also provides social and psychological benefits. Finally, you'll be able to look others in the eye, enhancing communication and boosting your overall confidence.

Health Benefits Of Using A Standing Wheelchair

Improved breathing function:

The human body relies on the respiratory system, consisting of respiratory organs and muscles, for breathing. However, wheelchair users often experience respiratory compromise due to restricted upper body function or the pressure and gravity impact of a seated position.

In a standing position, the spine stabilizes, reducing pressure on the respiratory system and enhancing circulation of oxygen and blood. This overall improvement in respiratory function helps alleviate exhaustion during breathing.

Enhanced blood flow:

Standing enhances blood circulation for two reasons. Firstly, because the circulatory system is closely connected to the respiratory system, standing improves respiratory function, thereby facilitating more effective spreading of oxygen by the circulatory system.

Secondly, prolonged sitting often leads to blood stagnation. Changing posture from sitting to standing and vice versa significantly improves circulation in lower limbs, reducing the risk of thrombosis.

Improved bladder and bowel function:

Gravity plays a vital role in waste elimination. Standing makes it easier to empty the bladder and bowel.

Standing reduces the risk of infections caused by incomplete urine drainage, preventing kidney and bladder stones. Additionally, standing helps extend the trunk, resulting in more efficient and regular bowel function.

Increased bone density:

Supporting our body weight is crucial for maintaining bone health and strength. By remaining seated, this weight-bearing option is absent, leading to fragile bones and an increased risk of osteoporosis and bone deformities.

Good bone density depends on factors like calcium, vitamin D, and physical activity. Weight bearing in the lower limbs, even via standing, can be considered a form of physical activity, thereby helping maintain or increase bone density.

Furthermore, standing repositions the posture, extends the trunk, and delays deformities. With less effort required for movement, it reduces repetitive strain injuries in the bones and muscles of the upper body.

Reducing spasticity and contractures:

Spasticity, also known as high muscular tone, is an imbalance of the central nervous system that affects movement in different areas of the body. It causes exaggerated tension in muscles, leading to rigidity and immobility. Muscle contractures are also induced by spasticity.

To reduce spasticity and contractures, changing position can help stretch the muscles in the lower limbs. This can be done with the assistance of someone if the user has a powerchair without a standing function. However, with a standing powerchair, the user can stretch their muscles independently and do it multiple times throughout the day.

Tips For Getting Accustomed To Using A Standing Wheelchair 

1. Make sure you have the right fit: 

The most important thing when it comes to using a standing wheelchair is making sure that it fits you correctly. You should take into account your height, weight, and any physical limitations you may have before selecting a standing wheelchair. Make sure to consult with an expert who can help you find the right size and fit for your needs.

2. Practice getting in and out of the chair: 

Once you have found the right standing wheelchair for you, practice getting in and out of it as much as possible. This will help you become more comfortable and familiar with how it works. It is also important to practice adjusting the seat height so that you can easily transition from sitting to standing positions.

3. Become familiar with the controls: 

Standing wheelchairs are equipped with various controls that allow users to move around easily while seated or standing. Take some time to get familiar with these controls so that you can operate them confidently and safely while using your chair.

4. Get used to different surfaces: 

Standing wheelchairs are designed for use on flat surfaces but they can also be used on uneven terrain such as gravel or grass. Spend some time practicing on different surfaces so that you become accustomed to how your wheelchair performs under various conditions. This will help ensure that your experience using a standing wheelchair is safe and enjoyable every time!

Safety Considerations When Using A Standing Wheelchair In Different Environment

1. Avoid Slippery Surfaces:

When using a standing wheelchair, it is important to avoid slippery surfaces as they can cause the chair to become unstable and lead to a fall. To minimize the risk of slipping, use non-slip mats or rugs in areas where you will be using the wheelchair. Additionally, it is important to ensure that all wheels are properly inflated and that the brakes are functioning correctly.

2. Be Aware of Uneven Surfaces:

Uneven surfaces can also pose a risk when using a standing wheelchair. It is important to be aware of any bumps or dips in the ground that could cause the chair to become unstable or even tip over. If you come across an area with uneven terrain, make sure to slow down and take extra caution while navigating it.

3. Watch Out For Obstacles: 

It is also important to watch out for obstacles such as stairs, curbs, or other objects that may be in your path when using a standing wheelchair. Make sure to take your time and navigate these obstacles carefully in order to avoid any accidents or injury. 

4. Stay Away From Open Flames: 

Open flames should also be avoided when using a standing wheelchair as they can pose a risk of fire or burns if they come into contact with combustible materials on the chair. If you need to use an open flame, make sure it is located far away from the chair and keep it under constant supervision at all times. 

5. Wear Appropriate Clothing:

Finally, it is important to wear appropriate clothing when using a standing wheelchair as loose fitting clothes can get caught in moving parts of the chair and lead to an accident or injury. Additionally, make sure that any jewelry you are wearing does not hang too low as this could also get caught on moving parts of the chair and lead to an accident or injury

How To Select The Right Standing Wheelchair To Meet Your Needs, Wants & Budget

To select the right standing wheelchair that meets your needs, wants, and budget, here are some steps to follow:

1. Understand Your Mobility Needs: 

Consider the level of support required, how you intend to use the wheelchair, and the type of terrain you'll be traversing. If you want to spend time outdoors, make sure your standing wheelchair is capable of handling grass and gravel, for example.

2. Research Your Options: 

Learn about the different types of standing wheelchairs available, such as those with powered or manual operation, folding frames or rigid frames, and additional accessories like power elevators or leg rests.

3. Evaluate Additional Features: 

Take a closer look at features like adjustable backrests, adjustable leg heights, and anti-tipping systems to ensure you choose the right chair for your requirements.

4. Know Your Budget: 

Determine the price range that fits within your budget before finalizing your purchase decision.

5. Make an Educated Choice: 

Thoroughly research all aspects of the standing wheelchair to have a clear understanding of what you're investing in.


Standing wheelchairs offer individuals with limited mobility a plethora of new opportunities. With the help of a standing wheelchair, you can easily access tight spaces, maintain an active and independent lifestyle, and enhance your overall well-being. 

These meaningful steps can open up a world of possibilities, allowing you to rise to extraordinary heights and experience life from different perspectives. With boundless independence within reach, what's stopping you?

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