Green Transporter Mobility Scooters

Based out of La Mirada, CA, Green Transporter offers larger mobility scooters that are heavy duty and unique to the market.  Green Transporter offers a range of mobility scooters, self balancing scooters, electric transports, and electric bikes.  The technology behind this brand is making waves in the mobility industry.  Green Transporter's products are assembled, checked for quality control, and shipped fully assembled and on a pallet.  This means when one of their units arrives, they are ready to ride!.

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Green Transporter Q Runner Mobility Scooter

Green Transporter Q Runner

The most popular and well know Green Transporter product is the infamous Q Runner.  This beast of a machine is enclosed, similar to a car to weather all kinds of elements mother nature may throw at you.

With a weight capacity of 550 lbs, this mobility scooter can hold the weight of 2 riders.  One person can sit in the driver's seat, and one can sit in the back.  Add to that, the 35 miles battery range and a top speed of 18 mph, this mobility scooter is very much like a car, except you don't need a driver's license to drive it!

Green Transporter Lovebird Mobility Scooter

Green Transporter Lovebird

Another top selling unit by Green Transporter is the LoveBird.  The LoveBird is one of the few 2 seater mobility scooters on the market today.  You can sit side by side, with your partner so you both have the driver's view.

This Green Transporter unit is also a beast of a machine supporting a 400 lbs weight capacity.  In addition to that,it offers a 15 miles battery range, built in cup holders, a delta tiller, and automotive front storage compartments to store all your belongings.

Green Transporter EV3 Mobility Scooter

Green Transporter EV3

If you are looking for a mobility scooter, but don't need one with so much bulk and weight capacity, you can check out the sleek EV3

This Green Transporter 3 wheel unit comes with a powerful 800W all-in-one rear end differential motor; similar to scooters that are more high end, but at a fraction of the cost!  This unit comes in 2 color options, red and blue/white, offers a 350 lbs weight capacity, and can travel up to 30 miles on a single charge.

Whether you are looking for an enclosed scooter, a 2 seater mobility scooter, or just a 3 wheel recreational scooter, Green Transporter has got you covered. They have some of the most unique and powerful scooters on the market today.

Green Transporter Mobility Scooters and Why You Should Choose One:

Powerful Vehicles

Powering recreational mobility scooters of their size, Green Transporter designs and manufacturer's units that can handle large weight capacities.

Fast Shipping

Orders fulfilled out of the Green Transporter warehouse generally ship out in 1-2 days of placing an order so you will receive your purchase quickly.

Best Tech Support

Green Transporter offers a dedicated tech support to handle any technical questions or concerns you might have about your product.

Built to Last

Designed with high quality materials and highly skilled engineers, your electric mobility scooter will last for years to come.

Regain Your Independence

Get your freedom back with a Green Transporter recreational scooter.

Sleek Designs

Known for the unique designs, Green Transporter produces recreational mobility scooters unlike others in the market.

Long Battery Life

Green Transporter's units are known not only for their fast speed, but their long last battery power.

You can feel confident when buying a Green Transporter product from Electric Wheelchairs USA.  We offer free shipping, financing options, free gifts with every Green Transporter purchase, and a low price guarantee so you can feel confident that you are getting the best price.  See product page for details.

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