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Madison Huber
BEST Purchase Ever!!!

I had been trying to find the best way for my grandfather to get around town without him having to worry about things like the weather when I stumbled across this item. Let me tell you that it was the best purchase I have ever made. My grandfather can go to the store around the corner whether it be sunshine or rain, day or night. He can safely and efficiently get from place to place. He loves it. I love it. To be honest, it is just fun to drive around in. If you are ever in need of a scooter but don't want to worry about weather being an issue, GET THE Q Runner!!!

Barry Howard
I LOVE my Q-Runner Transport Scooter!

This enclosed Mobility Scooter makes a huge difference in my life. I am able to get to the store's and other places I need to go without worrying about the weather.

Michael Canale
Electric Car

Item came ahead of schedule and arrived just how described

People with health problems

I think you need to add AC. So people with asthma and allergies could enjoy using it year round.

P Wolsefer
I LOVE my mini “car”!

This is the first “car” I’ve ever had.
I primarily use it in the bike lanes. I get so many questions. Everyone loves it. It is primarily plastic but it functions great! It came fully charged. I’ve been practicing in an empty parking lot but I still overestimate my parking. The only thing I wish it had was a storage compartment and big door pockets. I added a few things like a rear view mirror, cup holders, a behind the seat storage bag and some adhesive hooks for hanging things.

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