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William Fox
Unit Damaged-Never received

Did not receive my order as of yet and no word on getting a replacement unit shipped. Have made several calls over the past seven days and still no word on when I will receive the scooter I ordered on June 19th. Not a happy camper!

charles ingram
chucks scooter

would love it more if I could get the basket back on.removed to remove the lid on the basket

Lynne Estes
Love my Little Red Scooter❤

I love my scooter,although it is a bit too warm here to really appreciate it,so I go out very early and walk our dog with it.I will really get to use it more in the fall and spring.I miss hiking with my husband but now at least I can enjoy the more flattened trails So happy with our purchase.

Linda Smith
EW 72

I love my new scooter. I have felt stuck for 3 years having to beg rides since my husband passed and I do not drive. Now I feel so much independence. I get lots of comments on my yellow scooter. Now if I want to go down town I can.

Alexander Zlamal

It was very important that the scooter be able to drive up and down our hilly terrain, and so far, so good! Since the weather has cooled off, I haven't driven it as much as I'd like, but the times I've been able to, I've been very pleased. And many people do a thumbs up when I pass by...


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