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Thomas Underwood
The Chair

Pimped my chair - (adjusted) - Excellent! A little underpowered but quiet and smooth.

Bader AlAteeqi
Elderly Disabled Use

First I'd like to thank you for fast delivery of the product and the team that made this order.
Alot of thought was put into consideration especially the Auto Folding and the Suspension added.
The only issus was the seat width. If only it was 1-2 inches wider. My father is happy with the product.
Secondly, I was expecting the side storage bag and cup holder to be within the product shipping box.
I just recently found out those items come separately. Thus I'm going to have to pay extra for shipping.

James Hollar
Sturdier than I expected

Very nice power chair. I’m very impressed by the sturdiness of such a lightweight chair. When I ordered this chair I wasn’t expecting to be so pleased. I love the power folding feature. It was well worth the extra cost. My house chair weighs 175 pounds. This chair weighs only 67 pounds which makes it much easier to transport. If you are looking for a comfortable, lightweight foldable power chair, I highly recommend this chair.

Clara Jones

I like my chair.

Lisa Gamble
Love the ComfyGo IQ-7000

I am very eased as of this date. I have “NO”intentions of returning! I am taking it to New Orleans for a day or 2 then to port Nola to catch a ship for a short trip, then back to New Orleans for a couple of days- I cannot wait to enjoy all with my new found independence!

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