7 Best Folding Power Wheelchairs of 2024

Feb 02, 2021 1 comment Kellon Ambrose
7 Best Folding Power Wheelchairs of 2024

Are you ready to go places while still feeling comfortable and in control? Have you been eyeing the latest folding power wheelchairs but don’t know where to start looking for reliable options or trustworthy brands? 

Look no further! Electric Wheelchairs USA has all of the best foldable power wheelchairs on the market, so you can hit your cruising speed with ease. With our selection of top chairs that offer superior maneuverability, stability, and plenty of practical features, we make sure you have a folding wheelchair fit for any adaptive need—and designed by some of the most trusted names in assisted mobility.

One of the primary benefits of owning a power wheelchair is that they typically offer a tighter turning radius and are geared towards people who have limited mobility in their hands.  There are traditional models and there are models and there are best folding power wheelchairs.

The variety of electric wheelchairs available can make it quite a challenge for you to pinpoint the most optimal chair for you, and that’s where we come in.  In this article, we're going to shed light on some of the best folding electric wheelchairs on the market today, so stick around.

However, before we get to the article, watch this video below, as it will give you a better perspective of why you should choose a folding electric wheelchair. 

So How Much Does It Cost to Take a Power Wheelchair on an Airplane?

Electric Wheelchairs USA customer in wheelchair

According to the ADA and FAA, taking your power chair along with you on an airplane is completely free.  However, it’s highly advised to reach out to the airline of your preference before actually heading to the airport with your mobility wheelchair in order to make sure.

Another reason why you want to double-check with your airline is that all airlines tend to have a different procedure when it comes to traveling with electric powered wheelchairs. The typical process will have you go through security and when you reach the boarding gate, you’ll be checking your unit.

One thing we advise you to do before handing your mobility unit off to the airline employee is to take several pictures of the unit from different angles. This is going to help you retrieve your unit in the event of any mixup or in the event of it getting damaged in any way during the flight.

What Are the Different Types of Portable Power Chairs?

Portable power wheelchairs are available in 2 primary types. The first type is basically a folding electric wheelchair that can easily be folded into one piece, whereas the second type is a chair is a transportable power chair that can be broken down into 4 or 5 manageable and lightweight pieces for ease of transport.  However, in this article we are going to be discussing the more popular type, the units that fold into one piece.

What Makes a Power Chair Airline Approved?

Electric Wheelchairs USA back of wheelchair

The factor that decides whether a mobility chair is airline-approved or not is the type of battery that it houses for its operation.  Lucky for you, most of the folding wheelchairs featured on our list are approved for airline travel, so you won’t have to worry about a thing.

To further elaborate, the type of batteries that’s in question when it comes to airline approval is lithium batteries.  Lithium batteries need to not exceed the 300AH mark in order to be approved for flight.  All other battery types are airline-approved as long as they’re sealed.

Which Folding Power Chairs Are The Best?

Electric Wheelchairs USA customer thinking about purchase

Like we’ve already mentioned, the variety of motorized wheelchairs is quite impressive, but can be quite overwhelming as well. To make the selection process easier for you, here are the top-rated fold up portable power wheelchairs on the market today.

#1 Feather Mobility Ultra Lightweight Power Chair (33lbs)

Ultra Lightweight Power Chair


Looking for a lightweight power wheelchair that's easy to transport? Meet the Feather Mobility Ultra Lightweight Power Chair!

This featherweight champ of the electric wheelchair world weighs in at a mere 33 pounds, earning its title as the lightest power chair on the planet. Its ultra-light frame makes it a breeze to maneuver and transport, giving you the freedom to go wherever your heart desires.



Thanks to its easy-folding features, storing and transporting the Ultra Lightweight Power Chair is incredibly convenient. The seat collapses to just 13 inches, and the back folds down to only 28 inches, making it easy to fit into any car trunk or coat closet.

Do you dream of going the distance without worrying about your mobility aid running out of juice? This chair is designed to give you up to 11 miles of travel on a single charge! This long-range capability lets you explore to your heart's content, without being tethered to a power outlet.

Ready to experience a whole new world of freedom? Don't let limited mobility limit your life. Experience the freedom and convenience of this Feather Mobility Power Chair!


  • Weighs a mere 33 pounds
  • A breeze to fit into a car or navigate through tight spaces
  • Sturdy frame and supportive seating ensures a smooth and comfortable ride
  • Easily folds down for storage
  • One battery charge allowing for up to 11 miles of travel



  • Not designed for rough terrain
  • No storage space for personal belongings
  • No lighting package for nighttime use


2. ComfyGo IQ-8000 Limited Edition

ComfyGo IQ-8000 Limited Edition

The IQ-8000 Limited Edition by ComfyGo is one of the newest products within our product line.  With the battery included, this chair weights just 55 lbs and thats with the battery included.  

It folds up easily in 3 seconds, is approved for airline travel and can fit in most vehicle trunks easily.  

There are also some options to customize the look and style of this chair.  You have 6 different frame colors to choose from, 4 different cushion and backrest options,  2 battery options to choose from, and even 2 seat widths.

The 2 seat sizes are 17.5", which has a 286 lbs weight capacity and also the 20" wide seat, which offers a 310 lbs weight capacity.  With the 12AH lithium ion battery, there is a 10 mile battery range.  With the upgraded 20AH battery, the range increases to 17 miles.

Perhaps one of the unique features that sets this chair apart from others in its class is that is comes with a remote control to operate the unit.  This is great if you are a caretaker and need an attendant controller to operate and control the chair for the wheelchair user.  There a few easy steps to pair the remote with the chair, but once its complete, its very easy.

Oh and did we mention it was airline approved?  The IQ-8000 is an awesome choice if you want to maintain your mobility but not miss out on all of life's adventures and see the world.


  • Folds up in 3 seconds and fits in most trunks easily
  • Weighs only 55 lbs with a battery
  • 2 seat widths, 16" and 18" wide
  • Can last up to 10 miles or upgrade to the 20AH battery for a longer range of 17 miles on a single charge
  • Comes with a remote control that can be used to operate the chair
  • Airline and cruise line approved



  • Not designed for rough terrain
  • No storage space for personal belongings
  • No lighting package for nighttime use


3. Pride Jazzy Carbon Travel Lite Power Chair

Searching for the lightest and best foldable power wheelchair? Introducing Pride Mobility's incredible Jazzy Carbon Folding Power Wheelchair- perfect to take on a vacation, fits most budgets AND is airline approved! 

The Jazzy Carbon is revolutionizing the market! Not only is it one of the lightest power chairs around, but its frame is made from carbon fiber - a material so strong and lightweight you'd think scientists discovered magic.



And get this: Pride Mobility offers all these amazing features at an affordable price (meaning no breaking-the-bank for maximum comfort). 

With a mere 39.6 lbs chair weight plus 4 LBS battery weight totaling 43.6 LBS, you can even support up to 300 pounds in total luxury with your super sleek new ride that puts other models on notice - Science just saved us again!

Perfect for plane rides or road trips, this chair is built for comfort and convenience. Plus, it folds up super quick and compact, making it an easy fit for your car trunk or closet storage. 

Travel in style and ease with the Jazzy Carbon Travel Lite Power Chair. Get your hands on this amazing addition to the top of line Pride lineup.


  • Total weight only 39.6 lbs
  • Can support up to 300 lbs
  • Easy to fold in just seconds
  • Folds into a compact size that can easily fit in the trunk of a car or be stored away in your closet
  • Offers a 9.3 miles per charge range



  • Not designed for rough terrain
  • No option for overhead canopy
  • Limited storage space for personal items


4. ComfyGo IQ-9000 Long Range Folding Power Wheelchair

Going places just got easier with the ComfyGo IQ-9000 Folding Power Wheelchair! This ultra lightweight and foldable mobility chair offers airline approval, supporting up to 310 pounds in its 20 inch wide seat. It also features a long battery range so you can go further for longer - making every journey stress free!

Lightweight yet powerful, it packs 55 pounds of power into its 20" seat (or 61 lbs. when you add the battery). Unfurl your wings and take to the skies in seconds – this wheelchair folds up faster than lightning and tucks away neatly into most trunks or storage spaces… so tangling yourself in mobility woes is never an issue again. 

Need a reliable and comfortable chair? Look no further than the IQ-9000 Long Range Folding Power Wheelchair With Recline! Not only is it lightweight for easy portability, but it's also airline certified. Plus, the memory foam seat ensures maximum comfort wherever your adventures take you. Say hello to your new Pride Mobility travel companion!

Get in and go whenever you want - we've got your back, literally! With its convenient wireless remote control, an attendant can bring the chair right over for a quick ride; or take it out of arm's reach when necessary: now that's true freedom!

And if that weren't enough - kick back like royalty on its adjustable reclining headrest & backrest support too!


  • Weighs only 55 pounds and 61 lbs. with a battery (16' seat)
  • Collapses in seconds and fits easily into most trunks
  • Operate the chair from a distance with a remote control
  • Can cover terrains such as grass, ramps, brick, mud, snow, and bumpy roads
  • Up to 20+ miles of driving distance
  • Airline and cruise line approved



  • Limited storage space for personal belongings
  • Not designed to climb steep curbs
  • No overhead canopy option


5. Vive Health Folding Power Wheelchair

Vive Health Folding Electric Wheelchair

The Vive Health Folding Power Wheelchair is another great folding electric wheelchair option that offers not only a great price, but is a stylish and comfortable wheelchair with shock absorbers and solid tires; so no need to worry about a flat tire.

The seat is 17.5-inches wide, has a seat belt and is padded with dense foam. It also has an adjustable footplate, with height adjustable armrests and seatback.

This folding power wheelchair has a ground clearance of 6-inches, and with its 7.9-inch front and 11.8-inch rear tires you can navigate over most terrains with ease. It folds in just a few seconds and once folded is measured at a compact measurement of 35"x25"x14" inches.


This electric wheelchair offers dual motors, runs on a 10Ah rechargeable battery and weighs only 67.8 pounds.  The Vive Health Folding Power Wheelchair has a weight capacity of 260 pounds, a maximum operating range of 6.2 miles, a turning radius of 47.2 inches, and a top speed of 3.7 mph.

If you are looking for the most affordable foldable power wheelchair on the market, then you have found it! 


  • Can take your wheelchair on pavement, gravel, grass, inclines, and more
  • Can fold the chair in just a few seconds
  • Maximum speed is 3.7 miles per hour
  • Can drive up to 6.2 miles per charge
  • Weighs only 67.8 lbs
  • Supports up to 260 lbs



  • Limited storage space for personal belongings
  • Not designed to climb steep curbs
  • No overhead canopy option


6. ComfyGo IQ-7000 Remote Control Folding Electric Wheelchair

The IQ-7000 is a heavy-duty foldable electric wheelchair which is airline approved. Although it is a heavy-duty electric wheelchair, it weighs just 67 pounds.

It folds up in just 3 seconds and can easily fit into the trunk of a car, which makes it convenient when storing or traveling.

This electric wheelchair can be customized to your liking. You can choose from five different frame colors, and various seat cushions colors. You also have the option of choosing between a manual folding or automatic folding chair.



Want a ComfyGo power chair that's super easy to control? Look no further than this one, which comes with a handy remote. You can operate it from up to 10 yards away, whether you're the caregiver or the user. And get this: It even lets you fold and unfold the chair with the touch of a button.

The IQ-7000 folding electric wheelchair has a weight capacity of 350 pounds and a driving range of 13 miles. It has a top speed of 4 mph and a turning radius of 33 inches. These specs are the same for both the manual and the automatic remote-controlled versions.


  • Weight capacity of 350 lbs. with a seat size of 18" width
  • Folds up in 3 seconds and fits in most trunks easily
  • Control the wheelchair remotely within 10 yards distances
  • Airline and cruise line approved
  • Equipped with dual-engine and shock absorbers suspensions for a smoother and comfortable ride



  • Limited storage space for personal items
  • No headrest
  • No overhead canopy option


7. ComfyGo X-6 Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

The X-6 by ComfyGo is a long-range foldable heavy-duty electric wheelchair. It is airline approved and has a wide 20-inch seat with a weight capacity of 330 pounds.

At 61 pounds with the battery included, this chair is still very light weight. Without the battery it weighs just 55 pounds. This chair is similar in features to the IQ-7000 as it folds up in just 3 seconds and can be stored away safely in the trunk of a car.

Are you tired of bending over to charge your power chair? Say goodbye to that hassle! Our X-6 power chair is airline approved and has the charger right at the joystick. Plus, with a waterproof joystick, you don't have to worry about getting caught in the rain. 

Travel up to 13 miles on a single charge, and with just 6-8 hours to fully charge, you'll be back on the go in no time. Best of all, our power chair is affordable, practical, lightweight, and easy to use. It has a top speed of 4 mph and a turning radius of 35.5 inches. 

It also has the option of various colors on the frame and on the seat cushion. For more power this wheelchair comes with a dual-engine and a brushless motor.

What are you waiting for? Get yours today!


  • Offers a weight capacity of 265 lbs
  • Airline approved
  • Has a waterproof joystick, so you don't need to worry if it gets wet
  • Weighs only 50 lbs without the battery
  • Range of up to 13 miles



  • Limited storage for personal items
  • Not designed for rough terrain driving
  • No overhead canopy option

 Electric Wheelchairs vs Mobility Scooters


Hopefully, the information shared in this article has provided you with the insight you needed to select the right portable folding electric wheelchair for you.  Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions or if you feel another chair should be added to this list. 

We also have a special offer you can benefit from by taking 6% of your order.  Simply enter coupon code EW6 at checkout and it will apply the discount.  This offer won't be around long, so act soon!  See product pages for details and if you have any questions feel free to give us a call at 800-682-9444 and one of our agents will be happy to assist you.  We are open every day from 8AM - 8PM est!

If you are more interested in looking for a mobility scooter that folds, our staff compiled a great list of the Top Folding Mobility Scooters of 2021 and have had some great feedback on that article as well.     

Feel free to write me anytime at kellon@electricwheelchairsusa.com if you have any questions or comments.  At Electric Wheelchairs USA, we truly love helping our customers make the best choice for their needs whether it is a power chair, mobility scooter, or lift chair.


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