Supascoota Mobility Scooters

In 1989 Supascoota International was founded.  In the beginning, the company focused on the development of golf products such as manual trolleys, clubs, and accessories.  By 1996, electric golf trolleys were added to their product line and over the next few years, they gained a great reputation in that market.  Eventually, they started to get requests to develop single seat golf scooters.

By 2010, the company began producing lightweight mobility scooters and launched their first model.  They initially had major growth in Canada, the UK, and Australia.  This led to Supascoota being brought to the United States.  In order for this to happen, the mobility scooters needed to be FDA approved.  The company is expected to acquire more FDA approvals and when they do, they are expected to launch more mobility products to the United States market.

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Supascoota Shopper Folding Mobility Scooter STD-02

Supascoota Shopper STD-02

Currently, this brand offers three travel mobility scooters in the US.  The initial model brought to the market was the Shopper STD-02.  The main purpose of this unit was to bring a dependable mobility scooter that is lightweight, safe, and airline approved.  It has a battery range of 10 miles per charge and a top speed of 4 mph.  Pair that with its super easy disassembly and the heaviest piece weighing just 30 lbs, you have a perfect scooter that you can travel with.

Supascoota Spring Lightweight Travel Mobility Scooter HD-02

Supascoota Spring HD-02

The second unit introduced to the US market was the Sprint HD-02.  Many customers were in need of a travel mobility scooter that had a higher weight capacity, at a great price point.  This scooter offers a 10 mile battery range, and a 4 mph maximum speed.  However, this unit comes with a 275 weight capacity and when disassembled, the heaviest piece weight just 21 lbs.

Supascoota Sport XL Travel Mobility Scooter SP-01XL

Supascoota Sport XL

The third unit in their product line is the Sport XL SP-01XL.  This unit also has a 275 lbs weight capacity, and approximately an 11 mile battery range.  However, the Sport XL has a maximum speed of 5.6 mph and a wider 21" seat.  This unit is capable of handling multiple types of terrains with ease.

Supascoota Travel Mobility Scooters & Why You Should Choose One:

Quality Engineering

The electrical and mechanical engineers at Supascoota have years of experience and have the highest quality of standards.

Quality Control

All of their products are put through rigorous testing to ensure they will hold up to constant use and have the ability to handle multiple types of terrain.

Safety Certifications

This brand has received the ISO 9001 product quality certification, CE certification, and the EMC and FCC certifications. Their products are truly built with the safety of the rider in mind.


Starting in 1989, this company has proven longevity and has dealt with many economic conditions and still thrives in the market today.

Advanced Technology

Built with unique features such as the Electronic Stability Control System, this company focuses on being one of the safest scooters in the travel mobility scooter market.

Airline Friendly

All units come with a SLA sealed dry cell battery. These type of batteries are approved for airline travel as they do not leak.

Quick Disassembly

All products offer simple disassembly and a folding capability, plus they have a less bulky design. These units are practical for people who like to travel.

Unique Design

Offers several bold colors and a unique design that is different from what you normally expect in the industry. They are sure to turn heads.

Best Warranty

Providing a 2 year warranty on the frame, 1 year warranty on the electronic components, and a 6 month warranty on the battery, it is easy to see that this company have confidence in their products and back them up with an industry leading warranty.

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