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PaceSaver is one of the only manufacturers of electric wheelchairs and power chairs that builds all of their models in the U.S.A.  Because of this, the FDA inspects their plant for design controls, good manufacturing practices and quality systems on a regular basis.  Being American made, PaceSaver gives you a higher level of Quality Assurance and piece of mind knowing that they stock their parts in their US ware house located in Kansas City, MO.  PaceSaver has been in business for over 30 years and manufacture some of the most durable and well made heavy duty power wheelchairs on the market today.

The top selling unit in PaceSaver's product line is the Scout Boss 6 Bariatric Power Chair.  This power wheelchair supports up to 600 lbs in weight capacity and is a monster of a machine.  This unit can easily trek up a 8 degree incline and can last an impressive 20 miles on a single charge.

 Another top notch heavy duty power chair is the Scout Midi-Drive Power Chair.  The com-for-back seat is only made by PaceSaver.  This unit has the most comfortable seat on the market today. Boasting a 25 mile battery range, this unit is sure to take you where you want to go and last you all day long.

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You can feel confident when buying a PaceSaver product from Electric Wheelchairs USA.  We offer free shipping, financing options, free gifts with every PaceSaver purchase, and a low price guarantee so you can feel confident that you are getting the best price.  See product page for details.

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