Why You Should Get A Lift Chair For Your Elderly Loved One

Apr 13, 2022 0 comments Abby Haukongo
Why You Should Get A Lift Chair For Your Elderly Loved One


Our bodies experience numerous changes as a result of the aging process. One of the activities affected by older age is how we sit down and stand up. Lift chairs are made to help in this regard. This is why you should get a lift chair for your elderly loved one.

1.      To Give Them More Autonomy

Lift chairs are a great way of ensuring that older people can do certain things on their own. For instance, if your loved one struggles to get up from a chair, then the incredible features of a lift chair enable them to stand or sit down on their own.

The chair lifts a person’s bottom and pushes them forward, making it easier for them to stand without the need for assistance. What is even more interesting is that the lift chair allows a user to stop the process if they feel they are in a good position to continue on their own.

This improves their mental health by giving them a sense of having control over their own life.

2.      To Minimize The Risk Of Bone Injuries

Besides helping the elderly to stand up, lift chairs also provide a great way for them to sit down. A lift chair has the ability to slowly lower down the user to the seated position.

With a normal chair most elderly people just drop down onto the seat. This can be attributed to muscle problems, which makes it difficult for them to sit down with control. However, sitting down that way can be dangerous as it can lead to injury.

Using a lift chair alleviates this risk as it ensures that the elderly person can sit when the chair is elevated and lowered down smoothly.




3.      To Offer Them More Comfort

Another reason to get a lift chair for your elderly loved one is ensuring that they are comfortable. These chairs come with great features such as a backrest, footrest, and storage space, among others.

With such features your loved one can easily lie back while having their feet up in the most comfortable position. This ensures maximum relaxation and comfort while they are doing other activities such as watching television, reading a book, etc.

Reducing physical discomfort improves their psychological health because it alleviates anxiety and stress.

4.      To Help With Swollen Legs

Another benefit of lift chairs is that they help manage leg swelling or edema, which is very common among the elderly. The chairs offer a great way of reducing swellings in the lower parts of the legs by getting the user's legs in a position above the heart.

The chair can put the user in this position much faster, without causing intense stress on the lower part of their body. Ideally, the chair puts them in a cradle position, which health professionals recommend as an effective way of handling leg swellings.

This position assists in increasing blood flow, which helps drain excess fluid from the tissue in the legs. This is important for your elderly loved one because leg swelling is not only a source of discomfort but can also be a cause of pain.




5.      To Reduce The Risk Of Postural Hypertension

Postural hypertension is a common health condition that the elderly face. Luckily, a lift chair can help reduce the threat of this condition. Postural or orthostatic hypertension refers to the abrupt changes in blood pressure resulting from changing posture.

For instance, when someone quickly sits down or stands up, they might experience this type of hypertension. It may cause dizziness or lightheadedness, which can lead to falls and injuries.

A lift chair reduces this risk since it slowly raises the user, which allows more time for the changes in blood pressure.


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