Three Unknown Benefits Of Lift Chairs

Apr 16, 2022 0 comments Abby Haukongo
Three Unknown Benefits Of Lift Chairs


Aging is a natural part of life; it is both inevitable and irreversible. Unfortunately, it may come with unpleasant hurdles that are no fun. Among the many challenges aging people encounter, sitting and standing by themselves are some of the most common. Here are three unknown benefits of lift chairs.

In many instances they have to find someone to help them sit or stand since it is painful doing it on their own. Fortunately, lift chairs come in handy to help them carry on with their day without assistance from someone else.

Lift chairs not only help the aging, but also individuals with illnesses and disorders like arthritis, back, leg, or knee pain, or any other ailments which make sitting and standing difficult.

Apart from helping people with difficulties stand and sit comfortably, lift chairs also offer other benefits. Here are some that you probably did not know about:

The Trendelenburg Position

The Trendelenburg position is a position where you lie with your head lower than your feet at an angle of roughly 10-30 degrees. In this position the law of gravity favors the heart, and tension in your lower limbs is significantly decreased.

Doctors recommend the Trendelenburg position for people with congestive heart failure, edema, inflammation, deep vein thrombosis, hypertension, and other circulatory heart conditions. This position yields therapeutic benefits to people with the above conditions, reducing heart muscle strain.

A lift chair that incorporates this position is the Pride Mobility Infinity Collection Zero Gravity LC-525i Lift Chair.

Postural Hypotension, Oedema and Pressure Sores

Do you experience postural hypertension, which causes your blood pressure to spike suddenly? You are not alone as 10-30% of older adults in the United States are known to experience it. The sudden spike is dangerous as it can lead to accidental falls and injury.

The good news is that a lift chair can help. You can slowly raise your lower body with a lift chair, causing your blood pressure to normalize faster before you stand or move around.

Oedema or fluid retention is another hurdle that comes with age. Sometimes oedema can be a side effect of other conditions. Lift chairs help with oedema as they lift your legs, take the fluid back towards your heart, reduce fluid accumulation, increase circulation in your limbs, and make you feel more comfortable.

Pressure sores are injuries to the skin and organs surrounding it, primarily caused by prolonged pressure on the skin. Lift chairs can help you change position and keep different parts of your body on the move to avoid pressure sores.

Reduces  Injury

Older adults and people with compromised joints, e.g., those living with arthritis, find it hard to sit and stand easily. These activities are often risky to them as they can injure themselves.

With a lift chair, you do not have to worry about injuring yourself when you are sitting or standing, as they ensure that your legs are planted on the ground when you are standing.

Lift chairs are also helpful for caregivers because they make it faster and easier to transfer a person to a wheelchair or bed, especially when performing the movement with assistance from another person.


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