The Best Cruises For Limited Mobility Seniors

Dec 13, 2022 0 comments Bjorn Orvar
The Best Cruises For Limited Mobility Seniors

It's no secret that going on cruises are popular vacations for older adults (elderly vacations). After all, who wouldn't love spending days on the open seas, enjoying delicious food, and taking in all the sights? 

However, if you or a loved one has mobility challenges, finding the right cruise can be a challenge. Some cruise ships are not built for mobility challenged people in mind. They might have really tight hallways and a limited amount of elevators to move between levels. Picking the right trips for the elderly can be daunting.

But, don't let that stop you from enjoying a fun and relaxing cruise vacation! 

There are many different types of cruises that are perfect for those with limited mobility, and there's something to suit every personality and budget. 

So regardless of your age or physical ability, there's sure to be perfect cruise tours for seniors with limited mobility.

That's why we've put together this list of the best cruises for handicapped seniors or seniors with mobility challenges. 

Whether you're looking for a relaxing getaway or an exciting adventure, we've got you covered!  Here are some of the best vacations for senior citizens with limited mobility.

So get ready to set sail on the trip of a lifetime!

Top Things To Look For When Picking A Cruise

1. Size Of The Cruise - Do You Want To Be On A Mega-Ship Or Something Smaller And More Intimate

When it comes to picking the perfect cruise, there are many considerations - from the size of the vessel to potential mobility challenges. 

On the one hand you may want something grand and luxurious, like a mega-ship where the entertainment options are vast and you can enjoy your own private balcony. 

On the other hand, small ships offer an intimate atmosphere with fewer passengers and more opportunities to bask in nature's beauty. 

Depending on mobility needs or budget, these factors will also play a role as mega-ships tend to require more effort to maneuver around (long distances between activities) while smaller ones may lack some of the amenities offered by larger ships. 

Of course, if mobility is a factor, size should be your biggest concern as even the tightest spaces on bigger ships can be difficult for those with mobility challenges. 

Ultimately when it comes down to choosing a cruise, it's best to weigh all of your options ahead of time and ensure that you have chosen something that meets all of your needs for an enjoyable experience out at sea! 

2. Level Of Luxury - How Much Are You Willing To Spend On Your Cruise Vacation

When it comes to picking the perfect cruise for your next vacation, there are quite a few things to consider. Of course, the level of luxury is an important factor… how much are you willing to spend on your cruise? 

Bigger ships have more amenities and extras compared to smaller ones. Also consider whether you need access to elevators or specially adapted cabins for mobility impairments. 

Additionally, research the type of activities included in each itinerary so you can ensure you will enjoy participating in what is offered onboard. 

And lastly, make sure you compare prices before booking – even with the same cruise line, the cost can vary depending on when the voyage takes place. 

After all that is considered, you'll be in a better position to pick the perfect cruise!

3. Activities Offered - From Swimming And Sunbathing To Gambling And Shows, What Is Important To You

How do you know if that luxury liner is the right fit for your next vacation? What do you want to do while on your cruise?

Hang out on the sun deck and sunbath? Swim in the pool and enjoy your time with grandkids? See an amazing show?

Activities offered should be tailored to your tastes, from swimming and sunbathing to gambling and Broadway-style productions. Make sure your cruise has something to keep you entertained!

4. Ports Of Call - Do You Want To Visit A New Place Every Day Or Stay In One Spot For A Few Days

Think about what type of journey you'd prefer. 

Would you like ports of call every day, allowing you to explore a new place each time you arrive at shore? 

Or would it be better to stay in one spot for a few days and get an intimate understanding of the culture and attractions? 

Additionally, mobility challenges should be factored into the decision - maybe particular ships offer mobility-friendly features or permit passengers with mobility issues more time when they reach port. 

Of course, if you're traveling with kids, look into activities and amenities designed for them so they can enjoy themselves as well! 

With all of these elements in mind, finding the best cruises for wheelchair users is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

5. Food Options - From Buffets To Specialty Restaurants, What Type Of Food Do You Want To Eat While On Your Cruise

Always consider the food options available on your cruise ship as well as any excursion tours with meals included. 

Do you want a simple buffet or specialty restaurants with gourmet experiences?

Do you like the option of eating whenever you want or are you fine with eating at a set schedule?

Want sushi? Or steak? Or vegetarian meals?

These are all things to consider when booking your relaxing tours for seniors with limited mobility.

6. Weather Conditions - Some People Prefer Colder Weather While Others Want It Hot And Sunny All The Time

If you don’t like cold weather, then a cruise to Alaska might be the wrong option for you.

When it comes to choosing a cruise, what you're really looking for is an experience that's tailored to fit your needs. 

Different people have different preferences and mobility challenges, so it pays to consider all the factors before selecting your ship. 

Obviously, one of the most important aspects of any cruise is the weather conditions: if you’re someone who prefers colder temperatures on vacation, then you’ll want to select a ship that takes colder climates into account. 

Similarly, those who seek out a sunnier paradise will have their own criteria for picking the perfect ship. 

It’s also important to think about the time of year you will be traveling. Certain months during the summer can make the Caribbean heat unbearable… while January will give you shivers in Alaska!

Something to consider.

Top Things To Avoid When Picking A Cruise

1. Don't Pick A Cruise During Peak Season If You Want To Avoid Crowds

When it comes to choosing a dream cruise, we all want the perfect mix of sunshine and blissful waves. 

But there are some things that can put a damper on your experience – which may have nothing to do with the weather! 

If you don’t like large crowds, then try your best to steer clear from busy times of year as packed ships just foster more mobility challenges due to the large crowds. Not only will it be harder to attend entertainment events and dinner parties, you’ll have a harder time moving your mobility scooter around due to a constant sea of people moving around you.

Don’t let the wrong time of the year ruin an amazing experience!

2. If You Like Variety Avoid Picking A Cruise That Only Sails To One Destination - You May Get Bored Quickly

Avoid picking a cruise that only sails to one destination. 

Instead, look for handicap cruises with multiple ports of call so you can explore new places during your journey - mobility challenges and other restrictions notwithstanding. 

Read up on reviews from recent passengers. This will give you a better idea of what activities are available on board, as well as the quality of food and even staff members. 

With these tips in mind, you'll be sure to have a safe and enjoyable voyage!

3. Avoid Picking A Cruise With Short Port Visits - You Won't Have Enough Time To Explore The Area

One of the most important things to consider when selecting a cruise is the port visits. You want to make sure that you allow yourself enough time at each destination to explore the local sights and experience the culture of each place…

… especially if you have mobility challenges. 

Going on a cruise with short visits can leave you feeling rushed, frustrated, and disappointed – so avoid picking one with port stops that are too short for you to enjoy. 

Similarly, mobility challenges should also be kept in mind; if mobility is an issue for you then make sure you select routes with ports which offer easy access and mobility aids like accessible attractions or elevators. 

Don’t forget about land excursions– pick cruises for handicapped seniors which offer plenty of handicap accessibility land-based activities like wine tasting experiences or tours, that will help create even more lasting memories. 

Doing your homework before selecting your next dream cruise can ensure safe and enjoyable travel for handicapped seniors!

4. Avoid Picking A Cruise On A Large Ship If You Don't Like Crowds

Just like with picking the right time of the year to take a cruise, if large crowds make you uncomfortable, avoid large ships.

Even though these ships are designed to spread people out, with many events and activities available across the entire length of the ship, there will still be occasions when most of the passengers congregate at the same place and time.

On the flip side, challenges may arise with small ships and impact your mobility within a compact space. So you will need to find a happy medium.

5. Avoid Picking A Cruise That's Too Expensive - There Are Plenty Of Affordable Cruises Out There

If you want your vacation to be all smooth sailing, then it's important to make sure that your destination is within your budget.

You don’t want to find out a few days before your cruise, that you don’t have enough budget left to enjoy port visits and other extra cost amenities.

While some cruises for limited mobility seniors can be super expensive, there are plenty of more affordable options out there as well.

There are also plenty of deals available, so if you are flexible with your travel dates, you will be able to find some amazing cruises for disabled seniors at very affordable prices.

Best Cruise Ships For Disabled Passengers

1. Royal Caribbean's Symphony of the Seas

Royal Caribbean International is a leader in providing disabilities-friendly ships that can accommodate those with special needs. The line earns top ratings from websites like Special Needs at Sea, ensuring they provide an enjoyable experience for all passengers

Click Here For Their Mobility Chair Rules & Regulations

2. Holland America's Koningsdam

The Holland America Line fleet is highly accessible to passengers with mobility or other needs. Passengers praise the line for its listening devices available throughout their ships, making it easy to enjoy movies in peace without worry about whether you're blocking someone else out because of your hearing impairment

Click Here For Their Mobility Chair Rules & Regulations

3. Princess Cruises' Regal Princess

Princess Cruises was ahead of the curve when it came to accessibility. They have been focused on this issue since 1992 and were one of only a few cruise lines back then that had an individual in charge for complying with all regulations related specifically towards people who are blind or visually impaired!

Click Here For Their Mobility Chair Rules & Regulations

4. Norwegian Bliss

Norwegian Cruise Line has been a favorite of passengers with accessibility needs since they first started working in this field. In addition to having trained staff members who are able understand what your specific requirements may be, NCL also provides embarkation day meetings where you can meet someone from their company that will help prepare for any special transportation or customs needs during the trip abroad!

Click Here For Their Mobility Chair Rules & Regulations

5. Regent's Seven Seas Explorer

Regent Seven Seas Cruises offers disabled passengers luxury cruising with an all-suite ship and high crew per passenger ratio. Due to the small size of their vessels, travelers may find it easier navigating around on this type of vessel! Their ships often create the perfect vacations for seniors with limited mobility!

Click Here For Their Mobility Chair Rules & Regulations

Top Cruise-Approved Electric Wheelchairs & Mobility Scooters

Enhance Mobility Solax Transformer 4-Wheel Scooter



Ready to travel with ease? Then Enhance Mobility's Transformer 4-Wheel Scooter is the perfect solution! Experience effortless mobility - all you need to do is push a button and voila, this ultra lightweight scooter will fold itself up into a compact shape that fits easily in your car. Enhance Mobility power chairs are highly recommended and sure to be your indispensable companion for smooth sailing trips – grab yours today!

ComfyGo IQ-8000 Remote Control Folding Electric Wheelchair



If you are in need of an on-the-go electric wheelchair that won't slow you down? Then look no further than the Majestic IQ-8000 power wheelchair by ComfyGo. Not only is this electric wheelchair light and compact with a 3 second foldable design - weighing just 55 pounds with battery included - but it also comes equipped with either a standard joystick or remote control operation for ultimate convenience. 

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ComfyGo IQ-7000 Remote Control Folding Electric Wheelchair



Say goodbye to lifting heavy wheelchairs - the IQ-7000 remote control Electric Wheelchair has arrived! This lightweight powerhouse is airline and cruise approved, capable of carrying up to 350 pounds, with a 19" standard seat size between armrests. 

At just 64 pounds (manual folding) or 67 pounds (automatic folding), it's one of the lightest electric power chairs available today – able to fold in three seconds flat for easy storage and transport. Plus, its cushioned leather can be easily removed whenever you need to clean this ComfyGo mobility chair!

V8 iLiving Foldable Electric Mobility Scooter



Take your mobility to the next level with iLiving's revolutionary V8 Folding Electric Mobility Scooter! Lightweight, simple-to-operate and incredibly transportable - it was even recently honored as a CES 2020 Innovation Awards Honoree. 

The V8 by iLiving USA is the perfect travel companion – its aircraft grade aluminum frame ensures it's both durable and featherlight at just 40 ponds. And with their patented two-step folding system, you can be ready for takeoff in seconds - simply fold up your scooter like a piece of luggage before heading off on any adventure around the world or down the street!

You can be one of the first to ride this game changing iLiving mobility scooter around town -- don't miss out on all that newfound freedom waiting in store for you!

FreeRider USA Luggie Classic 4 Wheel Foldable Travel Scooter



Get ready to take off on the journey of your dreams with Freerider's Luggie Classic Folding Travel Scooter. With 25 years in business, they know how to make a reliable ride that won't break the bank! Their compact folding design ensures you can bring it anywhere and be guaranteed an enjoyable experience every time.

Get around with ease and convenience - wherever you go! The lightweight Luggie Classic scooter is perfect for any errands or adventures. It turns on a dime (a 40" radius) so it's great in tight corners, plus its top speed of 4 mph will get you to your destination quickly.

Let Freedom Ride!

EV Rider Transport AF 4W Folding Mobility Scooter



Discover the convenience of an automatic folding 4-wheel scooter with EV Rider Transport AF

Make a statement with the newest scooter on the market - the ultra stylish, 4-wheel EV Rider Transport AF. Not only is this folding ride sure to turn heads thanks to its vibrant colors, it also boasts unbeatable stability and maneuverability while keeping you safe during night rides with powerful LED headlights!

This nifty machine is packed full of innovation, allowing you to unfold and fold it in seconds at the push of a button. Plus, it’s compact size––only 30 inches by 16.5 when folded––makes transportation a breeze. Get ready for effortless mobility - check out our top-selling EV Rider Automatic Folding Scooter today!

EV Rider Transport AF+ Deluxe Folding Electric Scooter



Have you ever wanted to get around without lugging a heavy, bulky mobility scooter with you? Don't worry! Electric Wheelchairs USA has your answer - the EV Rider Transport AF+

This lightweight marvel can be easily folded up and taken wherever life takes you: throw it in the trunk of your car for an easy day trip; take it on board a cruise ship or airplane,* no destination is out-of-reach. With all these possibilities just steps away, why not live freely and explore more today in your brand new EV Rider mobility scooter

(*Airline approved battery included!)

HandyScoot Folding 3 Wheel Travel Mobility Scooter



This HandyScoot mobility scooter is an amazing travel companion you can rely on! Thanks to its ultra lightweight frame and practically indestructible vinyl pad, it's ready for whatever the world throws your way. What's even better - with a weight capacity of 350 pounds, mounting this scooter is super simple. Plus there's no complicated battery setup; just plug in and go!

Get ready to fly on this speedy scooter with a foldable frame, so you can pack it up quickly! The Handyscoot one of the fastest mobility scooters out there at 9 mph!

iLiving i3 Folding Electric Mobility Scooter



Get ready to take your active lifestyle up a notch with the i3 Folding Mobility Scooter from iLiving USA! This super-sleek scooter boasts exceptional engineering and unbeatable quality that'll make it easier than ever for you to get around. With this awesome addition, you can keep moving - no matter what life throws at you!

This iLiving mobility scooter is engineered with lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum, so you can rely on it - wherever your day takes you. Its folding system lets you easily take it anywhere and the USB port enables convenient phone charging as part of the journey! 

Meanwhile, its cushioned seat offers lasting comfort along with a storage compartment for extra gear...offering an unbeatable ride!


So if you or a loved one is looking for amazing cruise vacation ideas for seniors with limited mobility, don't despair! There are plenty of great options out there. 

Be sure to check our list of the best cruise lines for seniors with mobility challenges above, so you can find the perfect one for you. 

Also, if you are serious about finding the perfect mobility scooter to drastically improve your lifestyle, then check out these two articles as well:

Mobility Scooter Brands With The Best Warranties

10 Handy Tips When Flying With a Mobility Scooter

So what are you waiting for? Start planning your dream travel for seniors with limited mobility!

And if you're looking for the right cruise-approved mobility scooter, be sure to check out our online store where we have a huge range of products and services that are perfect for seniors with limited mobility. 

And please don’t forget, our team of mobility experts is standing by to help you. They are just a phone call away!

Call 800-682-9444 today!

Thanks for reading and happy cruising!

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