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James carroll
Easy Ride

The scooter is outstanding easy to fold and open just right for me and my wife.

sharon salois

I haven’t really used scooter a lot yet. But so far it has opened up my captivity of either staying home or sitting in car waiting on others to shop. Thanks for freedom

eugene stepic
Thoughts on i3 scooter

Your ad video show 2 people riding an i3 with a basket on the front of the scooters. Mine came with out the basket. When will I get my basket. Product information reads scooter weight is 50 lbs. Feels more than 50 lbs. I sent an email to the founder of this company with this information and he never responded.

Sharon Rayback

Love the new iLiving i3 folding mobility scooter. Having a foldable scooter is so convenient for storing. Also I’m able to load and unload it in my car myself, my non-folding scooter I had to disassemble and reassemble each time I went anywhere. And sometimes I still needed help. It’s so important to me to be self reliant and now I can continue to have that with ease. The performance is amazing and the dual battery
System is awesome! I’ve never seen that on any other mobility scooter. Also having head and tail lights is so nice for visibility and safety. Thank you SO much!! I highly recommend this unit.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Not for Everyone

The i3 is nice, Very easy to fold up, and use. Good power. However not really suited for everyone. It is small, if you are on the taller side it will not be really comfortable. It takes a really big area to turn it around, it is not meant for areas you would need to turn in very easily. You can't turn it around in an aisle without backing it up and maneuvering. If we had seen it beforehand this would not have been a good choice. We truly wish we had seen this first and tried it out.

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