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Gregg Moon
Good scooter

I have not used it as much as I would like. I really like it, but it weighs much more than the advertised 40 lbs. Also the nut on the ignition switch came off and caused the scooter to be locked in reverse causing me to almost knock down a display at the grocery store. I will say customer support is great. I don't regret buying the scooter.

Yiyi Sun
Great Service

Excellent customer service.

Joseph Durzo
Excellent Scooter

I used this for the past two weeks in general use and 2 days at Disneyland. The battery life lasted over 13 hours both visit and the ease of folding and loading is the best thing about this scooter. I recommend this to anyone looking for a compact scooter for general use.

Alice Haines
I Living

Did a lot of research before choosing this scooter and am disappointed in my purchase. My main problem is the forward and reverse toggles stick out so far that if you lean forward to far [as in opening my door] you hit them and the scooter takes off. I also find it very noisy and jerky if you go slow. There is also no way to carry anything not even a cane. You did send a cup holder and a small bag but no instructions on how to attach them. Thank you

Judith Johnson
not the freedom I expected

way to many restrictions and n0-no's so many places you can't go and so many things you can't do

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