Pride Mobility Jazzy Air 2 - The Updated Version

Jun 21, 2021 0 comments Abby Haukongo
Pride Mobility Jazzy Air 2 - The Updated Version


In this article we will take an in-depth look at the updated version of Pride Mobility’s Jazzy Air 2. We will look at how it works and what changes it has gone through since its original release. As a start, the updated Jazzy Air 2 comes with a host of new features that will help make the completion of everyday tasks a breeze.

One of the exciting new features added, is its ability to raise up to a full 12 inches in 11 seconds. Reaching this height in that quickly can be very helpful when you need to reach something up high, like the cupboard above the sink.

While raising your chair to that height is a great new feature, what makes it totally awesome is the fact that you can still move even while you are raising or lowering the chair. You do not have to wait until it stops. You can also move at a speed of 4 mph while you are in the raised position.

This handy new feature can make performing everyday activities around the home easier, such as doing cleaning and cooking. It will also help elevate your level of confidence and independence while doing chores outside of the home, such as shopping for groceries. No longer do you have to ask strangers to help you reach the top shelf, as you will be able to get there yourself.

This newer Jazzy Air 2 also has a tighter turning radius of 20.75 inches; the old model has a turning radius of 24.25. That is thanks to its mid wheel drive system, which enables easier maneuvering in tight narrow areas such as kitchens and narrow hallways without getting stuck or bumping into things.

Next, you have the option to choose between the extended driving range of 19.2 miles if you upgrade to the 40Ah batteries or alternatively stay on the 16.8-mile range with the standard U1 batteries.

It is important to have the right seat size on a power wheelchair, and thus the Jazzy Air 2 offers you the option of 3 different seat sizes: a 16-inch, 18-inch and 20-inch-wide seat. The chair also has an adjustable footplate and adjustable armrests. With a seat that can fold flat, storing it will be easy. The seat has a high back, is solid and can recline.

Some of the additional features included with this model are:

- An under-seat storage compartment

- Bright LED marker lights for better visibility

- Active-Trac suspension which offers great stability and a very smooth ride

- It is an FDA Class II medical device

Another great feature of the Jazzy Air 2 is that it looks stunning and has great aesthetics. It comes in a wide variety of colors such as sapphire blue, citrine yellow, pink topaz, onyx black, pearl white, silver and ruby red. They even have matte options such as tanzanite, garnet red and black pearl.

 The Jazzy Air 2 has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. It has a top speed of 4 mph elevated and non-elevated.


The Jazzy Air 2 is truly a remarkable power wheelchair. We hope that this review will help you be better informed about the Jazzy Air 2 and its updated new features. Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions or if you feel we need to add more of these types of articles to our site. 

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