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Douglas Bailey
Mediocre Device / Poor Documentation

The price of this device is rather high for what it actually delivers. The documentation provided is VERY inaccurate and of little use in understanding or properly using the scooter. Example: the documentation says that the charging port is located on the back of the scooter. It isn't. It is located on the battery pack. A set of keys is provided to lock the batteries in place. They don't. And once turned the keys cannot be removed. So apparently you lock the batteries in place, but then have to leave the keys in the lock. The scooter is noisy and makes grinding noises when moving. I does look nice though.

Kathy Rodd
foldable electric scooter

This scooter is awesome. It folds up easily for storage and transport. People have marveled at how it folds up . Have used it in restaurants and the remark has been wish all our customers had this type of scooter as it is easy to storre even by the table.

William Wieger sr.

It is perfect for me.

Dixie Fanning
Happy with my selection

I got the V8 for taking on trips. It is super simple and easy to fold and un-fold. It is also easy to roll it around when it is closed. I have tried it on my gravel driveway and grass and it does well as long as the surface is not wet. I recommend getting a mini lift to load it into the car. Although I can lift the V8 a little ways, I cannot lift it high enough to get it into my van. The mini lift works great for that and also putting heavy suitcases into the car too.

Gregg Moon
Good scooter

I have not used it as much as I would like. I really like it, but it weighs much more than the advertised 40 lbs. Also the nut on the ignition switch came off and caused the scooter to be locked in reverse causing me to almost knock down a display at the grocery store. I will say customer support is great. I don't regret buying the scooter.

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