What To Look For When Shopping For Lift Recliner Chairs

Jan 24, 2022 0 comments Abby Haukongo
What To Look For When Shopping For Lift Recliner Chairs


If you have mobility limitations, and getting up or sitting down is a challenge, it does not necessarily mean that your world has become limited. You can get a power lift chair to improve your live. Let us see what to look for when shopping for lift recliner chairs.

Although a lift chair is more expensive than a regular recliner, the benefits of these chairs heavily outweigh their price.

There are many options available on the market, but before heading out to purchase a lift recliner chair, there are a few considerations you need to keep in mind such as the following:

Your Ideal Size

Although lift chair sizes vary by model, it is crucial to read the product specifications to understand the precise measurements before purchasing one. You have to understand the following:

Seat Width

Lift recliner chairs generally come in three sizes: 1) petite which comes with  18-inch-wide seats; 2) medium which come with a 20-inch seat; and 4) large which come with a 22-inch seat.  

Back Height

On petite lift chair models, the distance from the seat to the top of the lift recliner chair's back is generally 22 to 24 inches; on small models it is 24 to 25 inches; on medium models it is 25 to 27 inches; and on large models it is 28 to 29 inches.

Seat Height

The distance between the front edge of the seat and the floor on a petite lift recliner is generally 18 inches; on the small lift recliner is 19 inches; a medium-lift recliner chair's seat is 20 inches high; and a large lift recliner chair's seat typically 21 inches high.

The size of the chair is critical because the larger the seat cushion is, the bigger the chair. When you sit straight up on a too-large chair, your legs may not touch the floor.

Conversely, if you choose a too small model, it may be uncomfortable. As such, you need to purchase a chair that fits your body size.

How Far Back Do You Want Your Lift Recliner Chair To Incline?

This might seem like a non-issue, but it is one of the most critical considerations to make when buying a lift recliner chair. For a user who only has a challenge getting up and down but can comfortably move about, a 2-position lift chair is a perfect choice. A 2-position lift chair reclines at an angle of 45 degrees and can be used for short periods, especially when watching TV or reading.

On the other hand, a user with more advanced mobility issues is likely to spend more time in their chair, including sleeping in the chair. In such a case, the 3-position lift recliner is the best option. This type of chair reclines to a nearly flat position allowing the user to sleep comfortably. However, on 2 and 3 position models, the footrest only extends when the backrest is reclined. Thus, users who often sleep in their chairs or spend an extended period of time in a chair should consider an infinite-position lift chair, as this chair lays totally flat and the footrest can be changed independent of the backrest position.

Customizing Your Lift Recliner

If you are left-handed and have restricted movement in your right hand you have the option to customize the chair so that the remote control is located on the left side of the chair for easy access.

You may even change the cloth on your lift chair to match the rest of your home's decor. Each model will have a variety of colors and upholstery materials available for you to choose from. Most models also come with other features such as massage functions or heat adjustments.

Some high-end manufacturers offer advanced features which add to the chair's therapeutic advantages such as:

  • Heated seats
  • Variable lift speeds
  • Vibrating chairs
  • Cup holders
  • Adjustable Armrest
  • Remote Holder
  • Plate table

While some features may seem unnecessary on the surface, people who spend long periods of time in their chairs may find them incredibly calming and well worth the increased expense.

What Kind Of Warranty Does The Lift Recliner Chair Come With?

Most new chairs come with warranties covering parts of the chair and labor for at least a year. However, this varies depending on the model you purchase. Some manufacturers can even add extended coverage to your lift recliner. Regardless of where you buy, inquire about the precise warranty coverage on the lift recliner chair you purchase.

Covering Types

Cloth and leather are the two most common upholstery options. If liquids or spills are an issue leather is probably the best option because cleaning it is easier.

Your House Space

You also have to consider the space available in your home. Do you have enough space in your living room to accommodate the chair? Does the chair need to be placed against the wall? Some models can open against a wall without hitting the wall behind them. However, standard versions slide out and backward; hence they could be a problem in limited spaces.


We hope that these tips on what to look for when shopping for lift recliner chairs have been helpful to you. Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions or if you feel we need to add more of these types of articles to our site. 

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