Top 3 Remote Controlled Wheelchairs of 2024

Nov 04, 2022 0 comments Bjorn Orvar
Top 3 Remote Controlled Wheelchairs of 2024

Do you ever feel limited by a traditional manual wheelchair? Ever wished you could travel longer distances without tiring out so quickly, or maneuver through tight spaces with ease and precision? Well, your wish has been granted—the future of mobility is here in the form of remote controlled wheelchairs! 

Remote controlled wheelchairs are rapidly becoming more and more popular as an efficient and exciting way to get around. After all, who doesn’t like controlling their own independence?!

If you're like most people, then you appreciate the convenience of a remote controlled device. Whether it's your TV, sound system, or even garage door opener, there's something undeniably satisfying about being able to control something with just the push of a button. 

So what if we told you that there was a remote controlled wheelchair available on the market? Believe it or not, these devices do exist and they can make your life a lot easier. 

For most people, they take their mobility for granted. They get up in the morning and walk to the kitchen to make breakfast, or maybe head out for a run. But what if you couldn't do that? What if getting around was a challenge? For people with mobility challenges, life can be difficult.

Thankfully, there are remote controlled wheelchairs available to make life a little easier. 

In this article, we'll be taking a look at three of the best remote controlled wheelchairs on the market. 

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Remote Controlled Folding Wheelchairs

Have you ever seen a movie where the person has a remote controlled folding wheelchair? You know, the ones where an elderly person is sitting in a regular chair, and then they press a button and the electric wheelchair suddenly unfolds into this big, cushy throne with all these special features? 

It looks amazing! But did you know that these chairs actually exist in the real world? 

In fact, they're becoming more and more popular as people discover just how great they are. 

However, even modern technology has its challenges.

Do you know what the biggest problem with electric wheelchairs is? It's not that they're hard to drive around, or that they're uncomfortable. The biggest problem with wheelchairs is storage. Most people don't have enough room in their house for a wheelchair, so when they're not using it, they have to put it in the garage or basement.

But now there's a new kind of wheelchair that solves this problem: the remote controlled folding wheelchair! This chair can be folded up and stored away easily, so you can use it when you need it and then fold it back up and put it away when you don't. 

Plus, it's really easy to control. All you have to do is press a button and the chair will fold up or unfold automatically. So if you're looking for an easy way to store your wheelchair, or if you just want one that's easier to maneuver, check out our remote controlled folding wheelchairs!

Remote controlled folding wheelchairs are the latest innovation in assistive technology, and they offer many benefits over traditional wheelchairs. Keep reading to learn more about this exciting new development!

Remote Controlled Driving Wheelchairs

Yes, you read that right.

Remote controlled DRIVING wheelchairs!

Do you hate having to ask for help when you're out and about? Do you feel like a burden to your loved ones when they have to push your wheelchair around everywhere? Well, what if there was a way to avoid all that and still get around easily? 

There are all sorts of electric wheelchairs to choose from, each designed for a different type of person and mobility challenge. But what if you could have the best of both worlds? What if you could have a wheelchair that was easy to maneuver around tight spaces, but could also be controlled from the comfort of your couch? Or, think of them as a powered attendant controlled wheelchair, where your caregiver has more control over your movements and safety.

Remote controlled driving wheelchairs are the perfect solution for people with mobility challenges. When you want to sit in a crowded place, you simply drive your remote control power wheelchair to a convenient spot out of the way, and then enjoy your time.

Once it’s time to go, pick up your remote control and drive your electric wheelchair right next to your side. If you need extra help, then an attendant controlled power wheelchair makes it easy for your support person to be there for you.

Plus, they're just plain fun to drive! If you're looking for a new way to get around town, check out our recommended remote controlled driving wheelchairs below. 

You won't be disappointed!

6 Reasons Why To Get A Remote Controlled Wheelchair

1: They're Convenient

A great thing about remote controlled wheelchairs is that they're extremely convenient. If you have trouble getting around on your own, these electric wheelchair attendant controlled options can help you get from place to place without any hassle. No matter where you store your wheelchair, the remote will allow you to move the chair right up to your side.

2: They Help You Stay Independent

If you're worried about losing your independence as you age, a remote controlled wheelchair can help you maintain your independence for longer. With an electric wheelchair with joystick, you'll be able to get around on your own and do the things you love without having to rely on someone else.

3: They're Affordable

Contrary to popular belief, remote controlled electric wheelchairs are actually quite affordable. With a handful of models available on the market, you can find one that fits your budget and needs. Additionally, many insurance companies will cover the cost of a remote controlled wheelchair if it's medically necessary (check with your provider for more information). And to round things off, you can qualify for financing and split your payment over many months. 

4: You'll Never Have To Worry About Getting Tired

With a remote controlled electric wheelchair, you'll never have to worry about getting tired. Whether you're cruising around your neighborhood or taking a trip to the mall, you can rest assured that you'll never have to push yourself too hard.

5: Great For Social Occasions Because You Can Park Your Wheelchair Away From The Table

Are you looking for ways to make social occasions easier? Park your wheelchair away from the table and enjoy the food and company! These remote controlled electric wheelchairs are perfect for small get-togethers or for when extra seating is needed.

6: These Wheelchairs Are Great When You Have Limited Storage Space 

Do you live in a small apartment and have limited storage space? If so, you may be wondering if buying a wheelchair is the right decision for you. Luckily, there are a few great wheelchairs on the market that can fold up easily, making them perfect for people who don't have a lot of extra room to spare.

Top 3 Remote Controlled Wheelchairs In 2023

ComfyGo IQ-7000 Remote Control Folding Electric Wheelchair



Are you looking for an affordable, lightweight electric wheelchair that is capable of handling 350 lbs? Look no further than our heavy-duty IQ7000 Remote control Electric Wheelchair

This folding unit weighs 64 pounds (manually) and 67 with batteries installed! It takes 3 seconds to unfold or fold this powerful little machine - so much easier than dragging out all those heavy manual chairs from your closet.

And this power chair is as easy to use as it gets - just grab the remote and take control! With its handy 10 yard range, you can let someone else drive or do it yourself with a push of a button. Best yet? It has an exclusive feature no one in the industry offers: fold and unfold functionality right from your very own remote!

Also, because this model is an electric wheelchair with joystick control, its quite easy to drive around in. Plus, with the remote control, you can part your chair away from your couch or table… giving you plenty of space to relax without worrying about being able to reach for your electric wheelchair. This model also works great as a carer controlled electric wheelchair. Your support person has more control over your electric wheelchair. This ComfyGo remote controlled electric wheelchair will simply give you peace of mind.


  • Weight is 64 lbs (manual folding) and 67 lbs (automatic folding) with a battery
  • Folds into a compact, carry on luggage sized unit
  • Airline and cruise line approved
  • Shock absorbers suspensions for a smoother and comfortable ride
  • Can run to all different road types such as grass, ramp, deceleration strip, brick, muddy, snow, bumpy road
  • Can be controlled by a remote



  • No headrest
  • Limited storage space for personal items
  • No overhead canopy option


ComfyGo IQ-8000 Remote Control Folding Electric Wheelchair

This majestic ComfyGo IQ-8000 is a lightweight power chair that packs in all of the features you could ask for, including remote control folding operation. The easy-to use electric wheelchair control is one of the unique features that makes this power chair so much more fun. You can operate it with just a few clicks on your phone or tablet, which means you won't have to miss out if someone needs their assistance while they're away!

The IQ-8000 Limited Edition Folding Power Wheelchair is the perfect companion for active adventurers! Lightweight and airline approved, it offers a comfortable memory foam seating solution so you can explore in complete comfort. Cruise lines? Yes - this foldable power chair has also been given approval to join your vacation too – what more could you want?!

Looking for a wheelchair that's customized to your needs? With a range of options to choose from, it's easy to make this chair your own. Pick from 6 frame colors, including black, blue, bronze, red, silver, and yellow. Then, choose from 5 cushion and backrest colors, from standard to black, blue, red, and taba. Need a wider seat? No problem - this chair comes in 16" or 18" options.

This electric wheelchair won't break any bank accounts either. Between our lowest price guarantee and monthly financing options, this ComfyGo electric wheelchair is well within grasp of most budgets.


  • Weighs only 55 lbs with a battery
  • Folds up in 3 seconds and fits in most trunks easily
  • Headrest and the backrest has an adjustable recline
  • There are 2 seat widths in 16", or if you need a wider seat, it also comes in a 18" option
  • Can last up to 10 miles on a charge or you can upgrade to the 20AH battery for a longer range of 17 miles on a single charge



  • Limited storage space for personal belongings on chair
  • No overhead canopy option
  • Not designed for rugged terrain


ComfyGo IQ-9000 Long Range Folding Power Wheelchair

The ComfyGo IQ-9000 Folding Power Wheelchair is the ideal solution for those looking to travel light yet far… and easily fold up their chair before and after their journey. This heavy duty model can hold up with a 286 pound weight limit or 310 lbs., depending on what size of seat you want!

This folding power chair is extraordinary and will make traveling much simpler. Weighing only 55 pounds with a 20" seat, the IQ-9000 Long Range Folding Power Wheelchair wows - collapsing in mere seconds and fits into most trunks! Plus, you'll get to enjoy added comfort features such as a headrest and adjustable recline backrest. Get ready for some awesome adventures without any bulky hassles or worries!

WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL: The IQ-9000 power wheelchair with attendant control makes it easy to operate the chair from afar or it could even bring you your power wheelchair when ready. Many of our customers love this chair because of its reputation as a solid caregiver control power wheelchair. Their attendants have more control and they’re better able to support them. This ComfyGo mobility chair gives you both freedom and security!


One of the heavy-duty folding types with a 286-pound capacity
It collapses in seconds and fits easily into most trunks
Airline-approved battery with up to 20+ miles of driving distance
Can be used at low speed and in good road conditions, and with handle moderate slopes
Universal joystick contains a power button, a battery indicator light, a horn, speed selections



Limited storage space for personal belongings
No overhead canopy option



Remote controlled electric wheelchairs offer a level of convenience and independence that traditional wheelchairs simply cannot match. Not only are these chairs easy to drive (no manual pushing required), they’re also convenient for everyday use. You can store them away from where you’re sitting and they fold nicely, allowing you to keep them in closets or the trunk of your car.

At the end of the day, mobility chairs are designed to make your life easier and allow you to experience the world more. If you want more information on how electric wheelchairs can dramatically improve your life, then check out our article “How Motorized Chairs For Seniors Help You Stay Active and Independent”.

And to find more information about folding wheelchairs, you will find this article interesting: “7 Best Folding Power Wheelchairs of 2023

If you're interested in exploring the world of remote controlled wheelchairs, or finding the perfect attendant propelled electric wheelchair to support your lifestyle (and make it easier for your caregiver to support you), then be sure to check out the three products we've featured in this article. These models also work great as an attendant controlled motorized wheelchair, where your caretaker has more control over your chair… allowing them to walk beside you at the mall, instead of behind you at all times.

Not Sure Which Electric Wheelchair Or Mobility Scooter Is Right For You? We’re Here To Help!

If you have any questions about which product is right for you, reach out to our team of mobility experts today. We'll be more than happy to help you find the perfect wheelchair for your needs!

You can call us at any time.

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Plus, as a special bonus for you, if you use this code during checkout (or when you’re ordering over the phone), then we’ll give you a 5% discount off any mobility scooter or electric wheelchair!

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And please don’t forget about our affordable financing options, where you can split your payment into monthly installments.

Besides offering our lowest price guarantee, through our partnership with Klarna, we’re able to offer you low monthly payments on your brand new mobility scooter!

Many of our customers even qualify for a 0% interest rate on their loans!

Make sure to ask our team of mobility experts about financing options.

Don't hesitate to contact us today - we're here to help!


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