Lift Chair That Doesn’t Move So Slowly?

Feb 23, 2022 0 comments Abby Haukongo
Lift Chair That Doesn’t Move So Slowly?


On average, a lift chair takes over 35 seconds to go from a lifted position to a seated position or vice versa. If that’s too long for you don’t worry because there are chairs on the market that complete this action in about have that time. Let's look at a lift chair that doesn't move so slowly.

This informative article will review a medical-grade power lift recliner chair that is 50% faster than other models available for purchase. The LC-358 by Pride Mobility is designed to get you in and out more quickly because it has a faster motor. This recliner chair is among the best-selling recliner chairs.

Here are the features that make the LC-358 our best pick:

The “First Up” Technology

The “First up” technology is a unique feature that enables this lift chair to move faster than other models. It is imperative to note that only the Pride Mobility brand has recliners with this feature at the time of publishing this article.

With the “First Up” technology, you can get out of the lift chair in half the time it would take any other chair produced by Pride Mobility, Golden Technologies or any other manufacturer. To be precise, the LC-358 takes only 18.5 seconds to move from a lifted position to a seated position.

Various Sizes and Fabric Options

Pride Mobility has Heritage lift chairs in different sizes and fabric types. More so, the Heritage collection of lift chairs comes in various colors that you can choose from.

In terms of size, the Heritage collection has:

- Petite Wide
- Small
- Medium
- Large
- Heavy-duty
- Very Heavy-duty


      Though the LC-358 comes in the sizes mentioned above, not all support the “First Up” technology. The “First Up” technology is only available in:

      - Petite
      - Small
      - Medium; and
      - Large


        You can select a lift chair made from any of the following fabrics:

        - Cloud 9
        - Lexis Sta-Kleen
        - Ultraleather
        - Aria

          Does LC-358 Have Other Unique Features Besides the First Up Technology?                        

          Pride Mobility, which produces the LC-358, is a reputable brand well-known for the best services and warranty. Whenever you purchase any of their lift chairs, you have a guarantee of getting high-quality products, the best support, and a 7-year warranty. Specifically, they ensure that whenever you need any replacement parts, you get them quickly; their customer support is unmatched.

          Another feature that makes LC-358 unique is the USB charging port. This port is fitted in front of the chair’s remote controller to enable you to charge your phone or tablet while sitting for long or sleeping in the chair. You don’t have to get up to pull your device into a wall outlet whenever it has a low battery; just plug it in to your chair!

          Lastly, the battery backup system is the other feature that makes LC-358 the best. How does it work? The battery backup system enables you to get out of the chair whenever there is a power outage. Other older models lack this system, so a power outage leaves you stuck in the last position you had set. However, the LC-358 has a built-in battery that enables the chair to return to the lifted position, thus allowing you to exit it.

          Though this is a great feature, you need to understand that it has limited power. It is only powerful enough to help you exit the lifted chair once or twice. If you overuse it, it will die, and you will have to recharge it once the power comes back on. It is imperative to note that the battery is only a backup whenever there is a power outage, not the main power supply.


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