Comparing Karman's Standing Powerchairs

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Comparing Karman's Standing Powerchairs


When you talk of big-time wheelchair market players, you cannot fail to mention Karman Healthcare. They are one of the most innovative  manufacturers of high-quality wheelchairs. With over 100 different models and types of wheels, they are a reliable company whose products you can trust.

From their rich portfolio of wheelchairs, Karman Healthcare presents several stand-up power chair models. These models are ideal for individuals who want or need to stand , but due to disabilities or illness are unable to do so. These chairs provide many health benefits that you will undoubtedly love. For instance:

  • - They aid bone development
  • - They improve blood circulation
  • - Help relieve nerve pain and pressure
  • - Maintain vital organ capacity
  • - Reduces urinary tract infections
  • - Improve muscle tone
  • - Reduce muscle contraction
  • - Bone decalcification

The above are just a few of the many health benefits you can enjoy in a standing powerchair by Karman Healthcare.

1. Karman Healthcare XO-505 Standing Power Wheelchair


Karman Healthcare XO-505 Standing Power Wheelchair


The XO-505 is one of the best stand-up powerchairs by Karman Healthcare. While Karman’s other models of this type are amazing, the XO-505 is arguably the most innovative of Karman's stand-up powerchairs and the best-built. It features a sturdy frame with advanced controls.

It comes with six wheels and rear shock absorbers for a smoother riding experience. Its body is made of 60061 T-6 aircraft aluminum, and it has an LCD full control display, which makes it easy to navigate.

This chair has a very powerful 24V 320W motor that runs off two equally powerful 12V36AH batteries. It takes just 15 seconds to get into a stand-up position, and you can also incline it at your preferred angle for maximum comfort.

Regarding safety, the XO-505 has a large footplate, leg straps, a safety belt, and a sturdy chest harness to keep you secure.

The XO-505 Wheelchair has a weight capacity of 250 pounds, a maximum operating range of 25 miles, a turning radius of 25 inches, and ground clearance of 2.5 inches.

2. Karman XO-202 Full Stand Up Power Chair


Karman XO-202 Full Stand Up Power Chair


The XO-202 is only second to the XO-505 in Karman's ranking of the best stand-up powerchairs. Like the XO-505, this machine also comes with amazing health benefits to the rider.

In terms of control, this is an equally well-equipped chair. It comes with a standard joystick that gives you full control of everything on the unit. Even better, it has an optional attendant controller for your caretaker if you cannot control it yourself.

In terms of stability, this machine goes head-to-head with the XO-505. It has two front caster wheels, ensuring the entire design has 6 touchpoints for maximum stability.

XO-202 can accommodate a weight capacity of up to 250 pounds, just like the XO-505. Its turning radius is also 25 inches. The batteries can keep the chair running for up to 25 miles while hitting a top speed of 5 mph while sitting and 3 mph when standing.

3. Karman XO-101 Manual Push Power-Assist Stand Wheelchair

Karman XO-101 Manual Push Power-Assist Stand Wheelchair

The Karman XO-101 Manual Push Power-Assist Stand is the cheapest of all Karman stand-up chairs. However, it has great features that you will undoubtedly enjoy. For starters, it comes with a strong 6061 T-6 aircraft-grade aluminum frame that you can be sure will serve you for a long time.

This chair features a Lloyd high-powered controller box that is easy to operate. Moreover, it runs on a powerful nickel-metal hydride battery which allows you to ride for long on a single charge.

Its 24x1 inch high profile polyurethane tires give it maximum traction, while the 8-inch front flat-free casters ensure you have a stable and smooth ride.


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