Keep Exploring America! Top 8 US Vacations For Senior Citizens With Limited Mobility

If you're a senior citizen who's finding it more difficult to get around, don't despair!

There are plenty of great vacation spots in the U.S. that cater to people with limited mobility. 

When it comes to traveling, everyone has their own unique preferences and limitations. 

Some people love the idea of packing their bags and hitting the open road or sky, others want to spend their days exploring a new and exciting city, while others would rather stay put in their own backyard. 

Unfortunately, for senior citizens with limited mobility, vacation options can be a little more restricted.

But that doesn't mean they have to miss out on all the fun! There are plenty of great places which offer exciting vacations with limited walking requirements.

Many vacation locations have been working hard to make most attractions accessible to people in electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Now, you may be wondering what are the best vacation ideas for someone who has trouble walking in the United States? What are the best US tours for seniors with limited mobility?

Well, look no further! 

Here is a list of nine best vacations with little walking that will accommodate your needs and make for a fun-filled vacation. From amusement parks to beautiful, bustling coastal cities with beautiful beaches, there's something for everyone on this list. 

So pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable trip!

What To Look For When Selecting An Accessibility-Friendly Travel Location

Do they have plenty of wheelchair accessible tourist destinations?

There are many questions that come to mind when planning a vacation. One question to consider is whether the destination is wheelchair accessible. 

For those who rely on a wheelchair for mobility, this is an important factor to consider when considering vacations with minimal walking. Fortunately, there are many destinations which offer amazing vacations for seniors in us that are wheelchair accessible and offer plenty of activities and attractions for all travelers. You just need to do your research ahead of time, make sure they offer tours for disabled seniors.

Are there plenty of rental cars or vans which can handle an electric wheelchair or mobility scooters?

If you are mobility challenged, you know that it can be difficult to find rental cars or vans that can accommodate an electric wheelchair. But there is some good news – more and more rental car companies are offering vehicles that can handle electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

So if you're planning a trip, don't despair – there's likely a rental car company that can help you get around. Just be sure to book well in advance, since these vehicles tend to be in high demand.

Can you safely drive around on your scooter to multiple destinations?

Just because you're using a scooter to get around doesn't mean you can't take advantage of all the places your city has to offer. 

Whether it's going out to eat, seeing a movie, or hitting up the shops, or going on tours for handicapped seniors, there are plenty of destinations that are accessible and enjoyable for scooter users. 

But before you head out, it's important to know if your chosen destination is safe and accessible for scooters.

Are there good hotels close to the places you want to visit?

If you're mobility challenged, finding a good hotel close to the places you want to visit can be a challenge.

However, there are a few resources that can help make your decision easier. First, check out the website for hotels near popular tourist destinations. These sites usually list hotels by proximity to major attractions. 

Additionally, review websites like TripAdvisor to read reviews from other travelers who have experienced accessible hotels in the area. With these tips in mind, you're sure to find the perfect accommodation for your needs!

Does the location offer wheelchair accessible guided tours?

When traveling, one of the most important things to consider is whether or not a destination offers wheelchair accessible guided tours. For those who rely on a wheelchair for mobility, this can be a make-or-break factor in deciding where to go on vacations with little walking.

Luckily, there are many destinations around the world that offer tours for seniors with disabilities, making it easy for everyone to experience everything the location has to offer. 

Simply search for wheelchair accessible guided tours in “LOCATION NAME” on Google.

Red Flags To Look Out For In Travel Destination

Are there lots of complaints about the destination from people in wheelchairs?

As much as we'd all love to jet off to some far-flung destination for a vacation, there's always that nagging worry at the back of our minds about whether it will be wheelchair accessible.

Will you have to drive over cobbled streets and tight staircases? Will you be able to get around without any trouble?

People in wheelchairs are just like everyone else - they have their likes and dislikes, and they're not afraid to share them. Be sure to read reviews on any destination you plan to visit. Again, research is key when planning vacations for seniors with limited mobility.

Are there lots of steep hills and difficult ground you need to move across?

Do you find yourself avoiding certain areas of town because they’re just too difficult to get around in a wheelchair or with a cane? You’re not alone!

While many electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters are great for driving up and down hills, they do have their limitations. Very steep hills might be too much for your mobility chair to handle.

So when planning your vacation, it might be worth looking at places which are located on flatter ground, or they have plenty of custom-made ramps designed for wheelchair users.

Are most of the tourist attractions far away from each other?

Have you ever gone on vacation to a city that you thought would be walkable, only to find out that most of the tourist attractions are far away from each other? If so, you're not alone. 

Many people who are mobility challenged find themselves in the same situation. While you might be riding an electric wheelchair or mobility scooter, which makes it a lot easier to get from one place to another, these chairs are still limited by their maximum range.

If you travel to a destination where most of the main attractions are close to one another, it will be easier for you to see everything and you’ll have more time to spend at each location.

Top 8 US Vacation Spots Which Are Easy To Get Around On An Electric Wheelchair & Mobility Scooter

Boston, MA

Boston, MA is a city that contains both history and fun. Although large in size, it can be easily navigated by utilizing the hop-on/off bus which stops near all of its major attractions. The trolley company offers lifts as well so users can take their electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters on board.

These buses stop near all major attractions and can be used by anyone familiar with how it works (you'll need reservations). The only requirement for using this form of transportation are weight restrictions, so please confirm if your mobility chair will be able to fit on board one of these amazing buses! All in all, Boston fits well into vacations that don't require a lot of walking.

Niagara Falls, NY

Take a trip to Niagara Falls with your family, friends or on vacation! One of the most iconic waterfalls in North America is easily accessible to electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters. You can go for hikes along trails that overlook this incredible natural wonder, with different accessibility points, making it an enjoyable experience at nearby viewpoints where wheelchair users will get their fill seeing Mother Nature's masterpiece up close.

There is something for everyone at Niagara Falls. The iconic bucket list destination offers great accessibility, including boat rides on Maid Of The Mist where you get up close with these magnificent waterfalls! 

The historical society is always putting on a show during the summer, so you can see them in period clothes and learn about what life was like back then! Quite simply, Niagara Falls is one of the best vacation spots for handicapped seniors.

Washington DC

The capital of our great nation is a fascinating city with many tourist attractions. It’s widely considered one of the best holiday destinations for limited mobility groups. The Washington Monument, White House and National Air Space Museum are all wheelchair accessible so you can enjoy this historic site without limitations!

The Lincoln Memorial is a free historic landmark that has ramps and elevators available for those who are mobility-impaired. The building's architecture provides an excellent view from any angle, as it stands 555 feet tall—the tallest structure in Washington DC!

Las Vegas, NV

There's always something new to see and do in Sin City. Whether you're looking for a place to enjoy the nightlife on famous Las Vegas Boulevard, or want some peace within Caesars Palace after spending time at one of our many attraction options - there is no shortage of entertainment in Las Vegas.

And the best part? Most of the major landmarks are easily accessible to anyone in a wheelchair. You’ll often find the best trips for handicapped seniors in Las Vegas!

And if you want to see more historical landmarks, then the Hoover Dam is a must-see for any traveler who has an interest in modern engineering. Built during The Great Depression, this imposing structure plays an important role as both barriers to water flow and source of power generation with its two turbines that can produce enough electricity each day to meet the needs of more than 30 million people!

Hawaiian Islands

Hawaiian islands are known for their natural beauty, but there's more than just geography going on here. Oahu has a bustling city feel with beautiful beaches and Kauai is home to some incredible waterfalls while Maui offers up Haleakala National Park - where you can see the sunrise over Hawaii volcanic mountains or sunset behind its iconic cliffs! 

The most beautiful beaches are waiting for you to discover! Whether your traveling family includes people in wheelchairs or accessible tour options, rental cars make getting around easy. You'll find that there's no shortage of things accessible at each destination, making Hawaii vacations for disabled persons a real treat!

Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia is a city rich with history and culture. There are so many accessible hotels, restaurants, museums or historic sites that will delight any traveler! The SEPTA (or PHLASH) offers both public transport options for those who need them as well as wheelchair-friendly buses equipped with lifts which can lower down to street level when needed. 

Take advantage of the Philly PHLASH, which is a free pass for senior citizens, offering easy access into historic sites, including The Franklin Institute museum which houses some amazing scientific exhibits plus more historic attractions right near downtown.

Seattle, WA

Seattle, Washington is a city that has something for everyone. From ferries to scenic nature walks and spectacular views in all directions - this metropolis offers unparalleled accessibility! You can get an up close look at some truly amazing artwork when you visit the Chihuly Garden & Glass museum or experience the wonders of nature all around Seattle.

You can also ferry across the water to experience local communities around Seattle, where you can go on day trips for disabled seniors, creating unforgettable vacations for handicapped seniors!

Daytona Beach, FL

It's no surprise that the most popular tourist attraction in Daytona Beach is its beach. The city has plenty of other sites to see and do too, though; from historic attractions like sugar mills plantations or Rockefeller’s winter home.

Because it’s a popular travel destination, there’s no shortage of hotels along the beach, all within driving distance of the more popular tourist attractions. There are also plenty of motels, inns, and B&B that provide accommodations for people with limited mobility. 

Accessibility-friendly activities like beaches and museums make this city a great spot for seniors, so no matter what your age it will be hard not find something interesting in Daytona Beach!

Our Most Popular Travel Mobility Scooters & Electric Wheelchairs

Vive Health Foldable Power Wheelchair



The Vive Health Folding Power Wheelchair is the perfect travel companion for those who want to maintain their mobility and independence. With its all-day power, comfortable seating, and a smooth ride on most surfaces, the Vive Health Folding Power Wheelchair makes it easy to get around. 

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Karman Tranzit Go Lightweight Folding Power Wheelchair

When looking for a power chair, many people want something that is lightweight and easy to transport. The Karman Healthcare Tranzit Go Folding Power Chair is one of the lightest chairs on the market, making it easy to fit in the trunk of a vehicle. It is also compact once folded, making it easy to store. 

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WHILL Model Fi Folding Travel Power Wheelchair

Having reduced mobility doesn't mean you have to limit your travel options. The Whill Model Fi electric wheelchair is designed to be lightweight and easy to transport so you can take it with you on your adventures. The Model Fi weighs only 59 pounds with the batteries installed, and has a turning radius of 30.7", making it easy to navigate through tight spaces. 

Additionally, the Whill Model Fi Smartphone App allows you to remotely control the chair, change the speed settings, and even drive the chair from your phone! So whether you're exploring a new city or just going for a walk in the park, this Whill electric wheelchair provides the independence and freedom to enjoy life to the fullest.

ComfyGo IQ-9000 Long Range Folding Power Wheelchair

The ComfyGo IQ-9000 Folding Power Wheelchair is the perfect solution for those in need of a lightweight, foldable motorized wheelchair with a long battery range. This chair is made of heavy-duty materials and can accommodate up to 286 pounds for the 17.5-inch wide seat or 310 pounds for the 20-inch wide seat, making it ideal for active users. 

In addition, this ComfyGo power chair comes in a variety of colors to meet your specific needs and preferences. The frame comes in black or black with red, while the cushion and backrest are available in standard black, blue, red, or taba. There are also two different seat width options – 17.5 inches or 20 inches – so you can choose the perfect size for you. Plus, the ComfyGo IQ-9000 is airline-approved, making it easy to take with you on your travels.

ComfyGo IQ-7000 Remote Control Folding Electric Wheelchair

The IQ-7000 Remote control electric wheelchair is a great option for those who are looking for an affordable, lightweight, and airline-approved chair. This chair is made of strong and durable materials, yet it only weighs 64 lbs (manual folding) or 67 lbs (automatic folding), making it one of the lightest folded power wheelchairs on the market. 

The armrests are also adjustable, so you can customize the fit to your needs. Plus, the cushion is removable for easy cleaning. Whether you're looking for a chair to use at home or on the go, this ComfyGo electric wheelchair is a great option.


There you have it. Our list of the best vacations for seniors with mobility issues.

So, if you're a senior citizen who's finding it more difficult to get around, don't despair! There are plenty of great vacation spots in the U.S. that cater to people with limited mobility. 

Whether you're looking for sandy beaches and hot sun or bustling city streets and endless nightlife options, there’s a travel destination for everyone.

Quite simply, motorized chairs can make you feel more independent and they help you enjoy life to the fullest!

And if you’re worried about getting an electric wheelchair or mobility scooter onto an airplane, then we’ve written an article on airline-approved mobility scooters here.

We can help make sure your trip is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. Contact our amazing team of mobility experts for advice and options – we'll be happy to help make your dream vacation a reality!

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