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Jack Harmon

For me it could be an inch lower, and the cushions are much harder than I expected.

Jack Washburn
Superb Service!

I wanted to get my dearest wife a new recliner because the one she was using was an old hand down and she was struggling more and more to get up.
So, for her 92 birthday, after careful study, I chose this one.
Prompt delivery and the driver even put it in the house for me!
I was hoping to get one for myself once this one has been paid off, but I just learned that I have cancer and that will be my priority for now. Thanks guys for the chair, I hope I haven’t bummed you out.

Jack W.
I bought this for my

I bought this for my wife. She loves it. Once we get it paid off, I plan to get myself one too.
The ordering was easy, and it came promptly. The delivery man used a hand truck and wheeled inside the house for us, even though we hadn't paid for that!
I tipped him a twenty.

Easier to Transfer

She is unable to walk, stand, or move about on her own. This chair makes it so much easier to transfer to a wheelchair. She loves it Awesome chair!

very comfortable

I'm 62 years old I have severe arthritis in my right hip, This chair is very comfortable and meets almost all my expectations. I enjoy the power features, especially the head, back and foot positions.

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