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Ron Morse
Poor documentation

The user manual that comes with the scooter is terrible. The instructions are not clear and the photos are blurry. (and the pages are not all stapled together)
There are several loose pieces in the box, but no mention of where they go. The lift strap let go, the first time we used it. Several screws were only finger tight, if not discovered, they could have easily come undone and lost, stranding the user. We bought 2 of these scooters and each had the same issues, so they were not isolated incidents. I'd say that your QC folks are lacking.

Lacreshia M.
Loving My EV Rider MiniRider

I am absolutely loving my EV Rider MiniRider. It's my favorite color blue, the seat is comfortable. I get so many compliments & they want to know where I purchased it. And it came with a free cup holder & bag to hang on the back of the chair. Which arrived a couple of days after the scooter. I couldn't believe how quick my scooter arrived. It seemed like I had just ordered it & came so quick. I would definitely recommend this scooter to anyone who is looking to purchase a scooter. It truly helps me to be able to get around & I can even maneuver it in small spaces. It is just right for my small apt. And I came adjust the handle bars how I want them. My son says it is not heavy at all. I was able to get it through the financing on the website. Which is awesome!

Jerry B.
Mini rider

Ok to begin with till it turned over with me and I sold it don’t want nothing else to do with it. I fail enough didn’t need something to make me fall.

Jerry Brantley
Pamela Brantley

So for have not had any trouble like it very much

Pamela B.
Everything was just fine

Everything was just fine

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