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Nila Rouiller
Love it but is too heavy

Too heavy for travel with it

Loel Holthus

excellent piece of equipment. very easy to fold and unfold. very compact and weight manageable,

Loved this

I have serious arthritis in my ankle and this scooter is great. Everywhere I go I get tons of compliments. People take pictures of it and ask me where I got it so they can get it for their relatives. I’ve used it on several different surfaces without any problems even on cobblestone and gravel. You just have to go slow and be careful on uneven surface. It fits in the smallest aisles and the battery takes a long time. It’s very easy to fold and transport. Kids and adults want to ride it because it doesn’t even look like a mobility scooter.

Zac Dang
EV rider gypsy, excellent choice

It took me 2 months to research and I chose the EV gypsy Rider. It is light weight and can get folded easily. I bought it so that I can take it on a cruise, airplane, or to the resort. Everything about it is excellent. The motor is powerful enough to let me ride on the grass. If you left the key in, a power timer will deactivate the motor. You need to pull the key out and plug it back in to activate it again. I still can’t figure out where to configure the power timer.

Luana Torres-Garvin
Awesome scooter

I got this for my 87 year old dad and it is awesome! The scooter folds and can fit in the trunk or at his feet in the car. We plan on taking it on a cruise in 2 weeks and I had to decrease the speed setting because that thing goes fast! This is a good feature but I know my dad would cruise too fast LOL. I love that it has portability and can be taken as a carry-on and it's lightweight. The safety feature that I like the most is that the key comes off and it won't ride by itself or be stolen while we are eating or if we go to a Disney park. I researched several scooter models and different sites and I do recommend the Gypsy and buying from this store due to the financing and ease to navigate the website. Also, a representative called me the next day and wanted to make sure all my questions were answered. That alone built confidence in the store for me, but he also told me about the warranty and to call them if I ever needed anything related to the scooter in the future. 5- stars product and customer service!

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