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Gary Jacobsen
A Good Scooter

After 2 weeks working well.

Michele Madison Robles
So Underrated

I did a lot of searching online for a mobility scooter, with speed, battery longevity and price being one of the key factors for my purchase. I happened to see this scooter listed and it was the price tag that caught my eye, and seeing that it was a midsize scooter with everything I wanted, I decided to investigate. Sadly, I only found one You Tube video covering this specific model.

Being that I was going on vacation, I was pleased to know that I would receive t he scooter the day we were leaving. It was quite easy to assemble and I was up and running within minutes, as the battery was charged. It's a very smooth ride and you can adjust the speed while moving. We were in Vegas and we stayed at the Wynn. The first morning, I rode down to Resort Worlds and traveled through the entire place and brought it back to my room. It was still on full charge. The next day, we went across the street to the Fashion Show Mall and spent about three hours there shopping. Later that evening, it was still showing a full charge, so we road down the street to Treasure island and then across the street to the Venetian and traveled through the shopping mall and the Palazzo, and by the time I went to cross the street back to the Wynn, it had used only a quarter of the power. The light on it is very bright, as I was riding at night. I noticed that the Wynn had scooters for rent and others had scooters that were rented from outside places - these were mostly the 3-wheel Pride Go Go Sport and Victory 10, but I was much more satisfied with the look and feel of mine. I also liked that I could adjust the control bar, not sure if this is an option on other scooters. The seat is extremely comfortable.

I have a large SUV and breakdown of this scooter is very quick and easy, but you will need two people to help you, unless you have a ramp. We removed the seat and two batteries, I moved the control bar all the way down and used a bungie cord to hook to the body, so it wouldn't swivel around. Even with the scooter broken down, we still had room for luggage for three people.

Some things to note: the seat swivels and does not lock in place. Not sure if my husband and I put it on wrong, but I didn't find this to be a problem. It didn't move while I was in motion and only swiveled when I wanted it to. Also, it's very slow to back up, which I managed by turning the speed to max in order to back up at a comfortable speed, which I turned back down when moving forward.

It seems most people favor the Pride's, but to me, they were either too small or too slow or didn't have the battery longevity I was looking for. So consider giving this one a try.

Robin Chilcoate
Love it

Great scooter. Came put together.. The only thing I had to do was attach mirrors. Very comfortable ride. I've had many scooters over the years` this is the best ever!

4 Wheel Scooter

Bought this for my mother when Medicaid turned her down. She loves it and I am happy that she is safe and can get around to the pharmacy or store. Best price anywhere. Delivered very quickly. thanks Electric Wheelchairs USA!

Great Quality

Definitely I would recommend this. This one is very impressive, good quality and easy to use. Delivered very quickly, customer service is great. Thank you Electric Wheelchairs USA!!

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