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Please stay away from this product is dangerous and unsafe for for people who is paralyzed like me #1you will get stock easily if go the grass make sure you don’t stop because you will get stock the big tires spinning easy#2the foot rest are dangerous every time I transfer in or out my feet get stock my butt is facing one way and my feet the other way very dangerous #3 the seat cushions is uncomfortable just one month after the delivery the seat I noticed started to go deeper and deeper and two weeks later I find out the I have open skin right on my tailbone due to the way this product is designed my hips are two inches up and my tail bone two inches down I am bleeding due to this product I tried to exchange but they don’t want nothing to do it so please stay away be safe

George clark
Senior Transportation

I live in a cottage in a senior village and unable to walk around. My electric wheelchair allows me to get any where in the village and take part in any activity that I want.

Elaine Kevil

One minor thing I feel the seat should be able to be adjusted w/o have to remove the shroud and bolts.

Electric chair

My 92 year old dad Loves his new chair. He is the envy of the Veterans Home.

John Sullivan
Great ride

I now get to all rooms in my house without any problems. Love the zero turn feather and response

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