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Susan Claxton
Enjoying the outside again.

Still learning how to operate. Would love a meter telling me time left or miles. Can’t wait to see how it pulls on beach etc. the smaller hills here in my yard not so good. I need to get attachments to take scooowith me. I thought I was getting the cup holder for free and I need to buy a cover as well since I live on dirt road. Ty for making my life easier on the outside.

George Rager
Drive Ventura DLX 4

I am really enjoying this Scooter, I have been out and about this last week doing things I have not done in years. With the weather being so nice this time of year I am even driving it at night , it’s a great feeling to know I can go out and do things now.

Shelvy Reinard
Love my scooter

It was pouring down rain 🌧 😩 when it was delivered and my fed X driver wheeled it to the dry porch. My husband and son-in-law put together which took less than an hour. We got it running but wouldn't stop beeping,called tech support and got the problem fixed in less than two minutes. The turn signal has to be in middle position. 😆 It drives like a Cadillac! The seat is roomy and totally comfortable. Love it!!!

Tommy Muller
not enough climbing power on grades.

don't pull grades with enough power. otherwise great. tommy.

ida moore
New ride

Love my new ride. Goes everywhere I need to go inside and out. We're a big race fans. Took it this last weekend to 2 different races and had everyone jealous over how easily we got around. My husband bought me one back the first of the year and I had to fight him over it, so had to buy another one. So now we have his and hers. Would recommend it to everyone. Was on back order for a while because it is so poplar but well worth the weight.

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