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billy hilton
zoome a little move a lot

guys forget dating sites get a zoome ,the women will talk to you now- thinking about getting cute puppy to put in basket then watch out .zoome does well as people said will spin tire but on level ground it will fly and I weigh 275 10 deg is max for ramps but that what it is rated for- brakes takes getting used to but will stop it but not like 4 wheel units . some reviews said that tools that come with are no good (used my on tools to assemble ) keeping tools that came with it in car to use if need on road I love it and others says they do too well built ! I can put it in back seat of my 2002 camry

Carolyn Stenke

It’s very dangerous for me. I have ma my whole right side has no strength I can’t walk . Its not for me. I wish I had bought the 3 wheel scooter like I have. My is falling apart.

Paul Brunson
On the go again

I love this scooter. Has great speed. Turning radius and ease of operation is #1. Now I can get around easier I have had 4 knee replacements and one hip so walking a distance and standing has been a problem

Barbara L.
Its a great scooter

I returned it because it didn’t break down for travel that I needed

corinne b.

It’s great on flat surfaces and low inclined. I showed my large dog with it and the speed was awesome. It has the best turning radius of any scooter on the market and does not tip!

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