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Robert M.
Excellent product

The instructions need to be reviewed and explained by someone who has actually assembled one. Very difficult to follow and left out some important parts. Also have a problem with the speed control. Goes from zero to very fast real quick and spins the front tire so fast that it can't get traction especially on carpet in the house. Purchased it for use in the home but the front tire just wants to burn a hole in the carpet. Is there any adjustment that I could do to slow down the initial acceleration?

billy hilton
zoome a little move a lot

guys forget dating sites get a zoome ,the women will talk to you now- thinking about getting cute puppy to put in basket then watch out .zoome does well as people said will spin tire but on level ground it will fly and I weigh 275 10 deg is max for ramps but that what it is rated for- brakes takes getting used to but will stop it but not like 4 wheel units . some reviews said that tools that come with are no good (used my on tools to assemble ) keeping tools that came with it in car to use if need on road I love it and others says they do too well built ! I can put it in back seat of my 2002 camry

Ronald Belcher

Not very good for for area in which I live in.

Carolyn Stenke

It’s very dangerous for me. I have ma my whole right side has no strength I can’t walk . Its not for me. I wish I had bought the 3 wheel scooter like I have. My is falling apart.

Tom Ostwald

The front wheel spins and doesn’t get traction unless you stand up and press down on the front fork. I can see the tire wearing out quickly. Also, the back wheels don’t track straight. They are wobbly as they go around.

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