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Louis Piazza
Great People to Deal With

This is a terrific company to purchase your scooter from. Great Price! Great Service! ALWAYS happy to answer any questions. The people are the best you"ll encounter!!!!

Maggie Cesarone
Love this scooter!

I waited a long time to get a scooter and finally decided on this one and am really glad I did. I needed something a bit more heavy duty and this is perfect. Went to the zoo with it today and it went everywhere with no problem at all. Took the hills with speed and was comfortable to ride on. I would highly recommend it!

Dan Scheuren
I fid not recieve the scooter cover I ordered

I did not get the cover I ordered

Gail Porterfield
For our daughter

Our daughter has MS and could not walk outside. She is loving her scooter. So happy we purchased it!

fred black

the scooter is great however my old ex I could take the battery case out of the scooter and charge it or charge it in the scooter. This unit you can only charge it in the scooter. So I can not just bring the battery in the house to charge and leave the scooter in my truck.

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