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Marvin Goldsmith
AMIGO SHABBAT - The absolute best

When I decided I needed a Shabbat mobility scooter I spoke with several friends who had been using the AMIGO SHABBAT. They were very positive about it and I tried out their scooter. There is another Shabbat scooter that I tried out also-the ATTO. The AMIGO with its built in Shabbat controls is far superior in that it is more substantial in size, controls are built in and easy to use-it also looks better! Your company’s representative Canley was extremely helpful and responsive to my needs.

Julianne Cohen
Amigo Shabbat Rd

This scooter has returned my freedom to me, may the Almighty be praised. Not only am I now able to worship at my Shul in the presence of my beloved congregation, I now am able to shop, go out with friends, and just get out of the house at will.

I used to have to take taxicabs everywhere, which was prohibitively expensive. But, the Amigo scooter is now accommodated by the New York City public bus system, enabling me to go anywhere in the five boroughs. I am also an Access A Ride user, and they have vans which easily accommodate my Amigo when I have doctor's appointments.

I recommend this scooter as highly as I can. Buy one, and reclaim your independence, and Shabbos mobility!

Love My Amigo Shabbat

This scooter has enhanced my life and has allowed me to get to the temple while during the sabbath. Thank you so much Electric Wheelchairs USA!

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