6 Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchairs By PaceSaver

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6 Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchairs By PaceSaver



Here is a look at heavy duty electric wheelchairs by PaceSaver. PaceSaver is a recognizable, esteemed brand with a good reputation in the market. PaceSaver has been producing quality, FDA approved chairs in the USA since 1993, so you know you can trust their products.  

Additionally, PaceSaver chairs are built to order and have an extensive list of customizable features.

While PaceSaver produces a variety of quality power and electric wheelchairs, their heavy-duty options are the most impressive and the best choice if you are up for power and durability. Here are some of their top heavy-duty chairs in the market today.

6 Heavy-Duty Electric Wheelchairs by Pacesaver



Weight Capacity

Maximum Range

Top Speed

Scout Boss 675

675 pounds

20 miles

4.5 mph

Scout Boss 6

600 pounds

20 miles

5 mph

Scout Boss 6NS

600 pounds

20 miles

4.5 mph

Boss 4.5

450 pounds

25 miles

5 mph

Scout RF-P4

450 pounds

19.5 miles

5 mph


Scout Midi

300 pounds

25 miles

5 mph


1. Pacesaver Scout Boss 675 Bariatric Electric Wheelchair


The PaceSaver Scout Boss 675 is your perfect electric wheelchair choice if you are looking for optimized power and comfort. This chair has of the highest weight capacity of any wheelchair on the market today.  

This heavy-duty chair comes with an adjustable orthopedic contoured Com-For-Back seat for maximum comfort which is made of high-quality materials. It comes in 4 seat colors and 2 luxurious soft fabrics. The chair has a very low center of gravity to enhance stability.

Its adjustable orthopedic contoured Com-For-Back recline admiral seat offers comfort, while the ¾ design gives it maximum stability. You can adjust the seat's depth, width, or height to suit your comfort.

It features high torque 4-pole motors with a sealed gear drive to harness as much power as possible and sustain a high weight capacity. The Scout Boss 675 can be disassembled into 6 pieces for easy transportation.

The PaceSaver Scout Boss 675 has a weight capacity of 675 pounds, a maximum operating range of 20 miles, top speed of 4.5 mph, a turning radius of 27 inches, and a ground clearance of 3 inches.

2. Pacesaver Scout Boss 6 Bariatric Electric Wheelchair - With Suspension


The PaceSaver Scout Boss 6 is similar to the Boss 675, with the only differences being that this model has a weight capacity of 600 pounds and a maximum speed of 5 mph.

3. Pacesaver Scout Boss 6NS Bariatric Electric Wheelchair - No Suspension


The PaceSaver Scout Boss 6NS is similar to the two models above, the only difference is that it has no suspension.

4. Pacesaver Boss 4.5 Electric Power Wheelchair


The PaceSaver Boss 4.5 is one of the most reliable models from Pacesaver. Its patented ¾ midi-wheel drive makes this machine an ideal choice for indoor engagements, while its powerful 150-amp modular controller, high torque 4 pole motors gives it enough power for outdoor settings.

If you love to ride in style and comfort, it has a finger touch reclining admiral orthopedic seat with a coil spring cushioning system. The seat is also adjustable.

It has exceptional power and is able to climb a 140 yard long, 9-degree hill 42 times.

The PaceSaver Boss 4.5 has a weight capacity of 450 pounds, a maximum operating range of 25 miles, top speed of 5 mph, a turning radius of 24.4 inches, and a ground clearance of 3 inches.

5. Pacesaver Scout RF-P4 Bariatric Electric Power Wheelchair


The Scout RF-P4 is similar in build and look to the Boss 4.5, with the only difference being this chair has a 75 amp fully programmable controller instead of the 150 amp that the Boss 4.5 has. This chair has a maximum operating range of 19.5 miles and a turning radius of 21.5 inches.

6. Pacesaver Scout Midi-Drive Electric Power Wheelchair


The Pacesaver Scout is similar to the Boss 4.5 and the Scout RF-P4, with the main difference that it is a mid-wheel drive chair. The weight capacity on this chair is also slightly lower at 300 pounds.


We hope you liked our review of these six heavy duty electric wheelchairs from Pacesaver. Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions or if you would like to see more of these types of articles to our site. 

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