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Paula Shirasago
Just what I've been looking for!

Husband is on home hemodialysis and the portable unit weighs 70#. We've been traveling by car with the unit. This portable mini lift is just what I need in order to transfer the dialysis machine from the house to the car (since I'm not getting any younger). We'll be traveling in a few weeks! Can't wait.

Marcia Haag
Power Lift

We did not receive a power lift and would like one!

Ralph Vinson

Easy to use just purchased it I would recommend this highly

Pat J.
Te easiest way to transport a wheelchair.

Without having to damage my SUV with a permanent lift mounted in the car, I can now put my husband’s wheelchair into the vehicle easily. I struggled to raise his chair into my car, hurting my back and knees as well as getting my cloths dirty. The Go Lite Mini Lift is less expensive than other systems and provides a safe mode for an individual to get a heavy chair into a car without asking for help. The folded lift is small enough to to store with the chair during transport. I have only one issue with the lift and that is the access to the on/off switch. It is hard to get to when the lift is closed and there is no obvious reminder if it is inadvertently left on. A small price to pay for a convenience that has changed my life.

Ashlin Galbraith
Works like a charm but somewhat cheap parts

This lift is great! It's compact, light, sturdy, and the battery lasts a long time. My only complains are that the device doesn't tell you when the battery is almost out of juice so you never really know until it won't turn on. Secondly, the clips are cheap and plastic and two of them broke within the first week of using the machine. Tried to contact customer service but they just gave me the number to the manufacturer... In the end I just bought replacement clips on Amazon. Either way, I would still recommend this device.

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