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Max's opinion

I ordered my EW-M45 Folding Power Wheelchair, in 4 days it was here and just like I was told it would be. Very satisficed with it.

Well worth the money

I recommend this wheelchair who requires one for mobility. Over the years I have had many electric wheelchairs. This it the first one truly transportable. It folds up into a compact unit and at 59 pounds can easily be lifted and placed into a trunk or SUV by only one persons

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Built like a tank, but rides like a Cadillac

I thoroughly enjoy my M45. The extra large 12" back wheels add smoothness and stability. It handles small bumps and uneven pavement with ease. Has plenty of power to climb curbs or door frames. My friends love it because it is so lightweight and small making it easy to transport in anybody's car. No lifts or huge trunks required. Electric Wheelchairs USA still the best online price for the 4-battery model. I highly recommend them.

Rugged like a rhino

Took it to the mall today first time I went from one end to the other rode smoothly . Turns on a dime with practice. joystick is very sensitive. Do not increase speed unless you have mastered turning,backing up, and turning in a circle. A lot of the stores do not accurately space things in order for you to get around takes practice and patients. Again start out slow. Am able to get in and out of our nessian Rogue easily need to push seat forward. This will take practice on our part. Been ten years since I been to the mall and go around completely. Wish this would have tip wheels in back. Will need to take my time but so far I love it and I say get it if you need to get around. Seems affordable.

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