Top Nine 3-Wheel Electric Scooters in 2020


Many people prefer a 3 wheel scooter of a 4 wheel or vice versa.  It ultimately depends on what needs the user wants or needs.  When you have difficulty moving around or getting from one place to another, its important to choose the right electric mobility scooter for you.  People with mobility issues often feel reluctant to travel, go out with friends, or even do their own shopping.

Scooters can change that situation around completely.  Life often feels better when the challenges associated with moving decrease.

I know how important it is to stay self-reliant. That's why I rounded up the best 3-wheel electric scooter models for 2020.

Read on to see which one is the right vehicle for your needs, but first, lets go over some of the reasons why someone would prefer a 3 wheel over a 4 wheel...



So What Are the Benefits of 3-Wheel Scooters?

  • Typically a 3 wheel scooter is more compact, so often times they can be used more easily around the house.
  • It’s easy to maneuver in tight spaces, so a 3-wheeler is great to use when you are shopping or in restaurants as an example.
  • It’s a practical mobility aid to use in a crowded area.
  • For taller users, you typically have more legroom on a 3 wheel scooter because the foot area extends to the sides of the tiller..
  • It helps people with limited mobility in running their errands without overloading their joints.
  • It’s an efficient mobility-enhancement device for the elderly and often times more lightweight than a 4 wheel.
  • It offers assistance for disabled people.
  • It makes an overall difference in the quality of life for people who find difficulty in walking.



3-Wheel Scooters vs 4-Wheel Scooters

These two designs are often compared and contrasted. So, let’s see the strong points and shortcomings of each.


Weight and Size

Weight is a critical factor in choosing a mobility scooter. That's because the users are often incapacitated by injury, age, or other factors.  A 3-wheel scooter has that advantage considering they are often times more lightweight.

Scooters are indoor/outdoor vehicles, so their size matters. If you keep a scooter in your house, then you want it to occupy minimal space. The same applies to public spaces. 

Now there are many different sizes of 3 wheel mobility scooters on the market; but the units specifically made for indoors or are made for transport, are easier to manage and operate in a home, restaurant, or mall.


Compact lightweight scooters are easier to move from one place to another. They’re also much easier to pack up with your regular luggage when you’re traveling by car or by plane.   

3-wheelers are better positioned for easy movement.


Overall, 4-wheel scooters have more stability.  That is a nice benefit if you are concerned about the unit being more stable.

Stability is nice of course, but it’s not critical when you are dealing with major brands like the ones we carry.  The engineering and design put into any unit we carry have been tested and made with precision and safety in mind.  There is a reason they have been around for years and continue to be leaders in the market.  


Many models offers a 3-wheel and a 4-wheel version.  Often times the 3-wheel has a lower price point than the 4-wheel.  This is especially important if you are on a concerned with money.  

You won't need to disturb your budget to get a good quality 3-wheel scooter.

Turning Radius

A 3-wheel scooter is pretty adept in taking sharp turns.  If you’ve been on one, you know what I’m talking about.

If this is your first time on a 3-wheel scooter, you might wonder why sharp turning is a plus.

Well, it's not critical in the street, but consider shopping and moving between the isles.  However, it is remarkable when you use it inside your home or riding through crowds of people.  

A 4-wheel scooter isn’t as well-suited when it comes to maneuverability.  To make a sharp turn around it a corner, it needs some space to proceed smoothly.  Sometimes, in order to guide it through tight spaces, you will have to continuously put it in reverse to make that turn around the corner.  


I like good looking vehicles of all types, and I have good reason to believe that you do too.  In my opinion, 3-wheel scooters look more streamlined.  

They fit better within domestic or public spaces. They look less like a street transportation method, and more like a mobility device. 

What Is the Turning Radius of a 3-Wheel Scooter?

3-wheel scooters have remarkable maneuverability in tight spots, but this isn’t just a general description.

You can actually measure the sharpness of the turning angle.  Furthermore, you'll know the space needed for performing a full circle without having to go in reverse.

We’re used to seeing a turning radius of around 45”.  This is nice, and the vehicle feels resourceful at that rate.

The tightest I’ve seen was a 26” model, and the widest went as far as 56”, but it was a large scooter.



Can You Transport a 3-Wheel Scooter?

You can transport the foldable types easily by packing them as luggage in the trunk of your car.  They usually don't take up much space, and the lightweight models are a breeze to transport.

Air-travel is possible with certain models only per the FAA regulations.  The main thing FAA is concerned with is the type of battery the scooter has.  Otherwise, you get to transport your scooter free of charge, according to the ADA.

You can disassemble some models into smaller and more manageable pieces. This is another smart way to carry your scooter along without hassles. 



So enough with all of the details of 3 wheel scooters, I think you get it at this point.  Now lets get into my top picks of best 3 wheel scooters for this year...


1. E-Wheels EW-36

EWheels EW-36 Scooter

If you plan on using your scooter for outdoor transportation, then EW-36 is the one for you.  It’s one of the fastest scooters we carry.  You can drive it at speeds of up to 18 mph.

Speed isn’t everything, as you’ll need a sturdy battery to keep you powered all through your errands.  This unit can last up to 45 miles on a single charge, so I’d say it’ll be sufficient for your daily activity.

Speaking of taking it out, a good-looking vehicle is always a plus.  And this one definitely has the right aesthetics.  It also comes in several colors to suit every taste. 

It has a high weight capacity of 350 lbs. and a spacious 18” seat. Besides, it has some pretty attractive perks like its huge storage space.  There’s also the anti-theft alarm, headlights, USB port, and a battery indicator.




2. Amigo RD

Amigo RD 3 Wheel Scooter

This is a mobility vehicle you can use indoor or outdoor equally well.  It has high maneuverability and a tight 34” turning radius, so it moves smoothly in any setting.  It also goes for 35 miles on a charge, so it’ll do fine outdoors and last you all day long.

The 360° swiveling seat is one of its nicest features. You wouldn’t need a special chair when you’re out, just rotate it to the right position and lock.

This scooter has a reliable weight capacity of 350 lbs. and a generous seat width of 18”.  It has high stability as its mass is centered on the platform and front part. This gives a proper weight distribution throughout for an easy ride.

Amigo is one of the industry leaders. They’ve been manufacturing these vehicles for half a century.  That’s why you’ll find several practical and efficient functions in this 3-wheeler.




3. Enhance Mobility Triaxe Cruze

The Triaxe Cruze is a great choice if you like traveling and being on the move.  It’s a lightweight compact vehicle that you can actually fold and wheel around like a piece of luggage.  It can carry a significant amount of weight of up to 350 lbs.

The frame is made from aluminum.  This gives it great strength and the lightest possible weight.  It’s agile and will slide through the tightest venues.  Again, a good option if you’re sightseeing or exploring new places.

The Cruze is designed for trips, and that’s why it’s FAA approved for air travel.

When you’re not flying, you can experience its paddle acceleration. It also has a ‘rear-wheel-drive’ mechanism.  Both options contribute to a smooth and stable ride

It has electromagnetic brakes, so you can smoothly come to stop by gently let off the throttle.  It is also a great safety feature.




4. Drive Medical Ventura DLX 3-Wheel

Drive Medical Ventura DLX 3 Wheel

This scooter is designed for comfort and control.  It has good styling, high stability, and comes at a moderate price.  You’ll see in a minute how it garnered all these attributes!

The comfort factor starts with wide seating. This vehicle can carry weights up to 400 lbs, which calls for a large seat to go with that orientation.

You can choose an 18” or 20” model, and then adjust the height from 20”-23”.  The padded armrests are flexible and you can adjust their width and height. You can also flip them for easy access or detach them altogether.

This scooter focuses on ergonomics.  All the controls are accessible within easy reach of anyone. It's especially well-suited for users with limited mobility.




5. Golden Technologies Companion GC340D

Golden Technologies Companion 3 Wheel

If you’re one of the well-built folks with a healthy mass and long legs, then this scooter is for you. It can sustain up to 350 lbs, the seat is 18” wide, with a 16” high backrest. There’s also plenty of leg space in the front for comfort.

The seat and armrest are nicely padded and they’re fully adjustable. You can alter their positions for easy access and an optimal ride.

Safety factors abound in this model, starting with the non-skid tires. It also has variable intensity head and rear lights, in addition to a pair of mirrors for full visibility.

It’s best suited for indoor usage, but a fully charged battery can keep it going for about 16.5 miles. That should cover your daily activities with ease.




6. Pride Victory 10.2 SC6102

Pride Victory 10.2 3 Wheel

This is another model made for broad-framed users. It’s designed for weights up to 400 lbs, and it has a wide 18”- seat with a high back.

You can adjust the height of the seat to a comfortable position. The armrests are also flexible, so you get to personalize your ride in many ways.

The manufacturer is an old-timer in this field.  So I wasn’t surprised to see some unique features here, like the easy partitioning for transport.  This scooter can be taken apart and reassembled effortlessly.

Pride Mobility aren’t only innovators.  They also stand by their product. You'd get a limited lifetime warranty for the frame.  Plus, a two-year warranty on the vehicle excluding the battery.  Not only that, Pride offers a 1 year in home service contract, which is included with their warranty, free of charge.

The Pride Victory is suitable for both indoors and outdoors.  It also comes at a reasonable price, so keep it on your radar!




7. Merits Health S331

Merits Health S331 3 Wheel Scooter

If you think the previous models aren’t spacious and sturdy enough, check out the S331 Pioneer.  It comes with an impressive weight capacity of 500 lbs and an extra-wide 22” captain seat with a high back.

The best safety feature in this scooter is the turning speed control. It reduces to half-value in sharp twists. This is to avoid tipping or uncomfortable bending.

The 12.5” tires increase stability, as well. With that grip, the scooter can brave 12-degree inclines.

The body is made from a single molded frame, and that too adds to the sturdiness of the scooter.

It’s effective indoors and outdoors, especially with its 32-mile travel distance. The price is a little above the mid-range, but it’s justifiable with its many attributes.




8. HandyScoot Folding Scooter

HandyScoot 3 Wheel Folding Scooter

The HandyScoot exemplifies simplicity, strength, and ease of use. Furthermore, the stainless steel frame folds into a portable shape. You can then carry it with you anywhere.

Can you imagine that this scooter weighs only 42 lbs?  Like I said, totally portable!

This is a mobility device designed for adventure, and that’s why it’s approved for air travel. Imagine how many users can now see their dream destinations.

The center bar is only 6” high, so you can mount it and dismount without any extra effort. This is especially essential with lower-body injuries, where any excessive movement is painful and harmful.

Some of the perks here include a big basket, a luggage bar, and headlights. If you’re the dynamic type, this is your go-to scooter.




9. AFIKIM Afiscooter S 3-Wheel Scooter

Afiscooter S 3-Wheel Scooter

The Afiscooter spells out luxury. It’s a powerful vehicle that carries 450 lbs, and hands out comfort in every detail.

The seat comes in three different sizes: 18”, 22”, and 24”. It’s designed for orthopedic usage and adjusts to fit your requirements. Comfort also comes from the comprehensive suspension system and shock absorbers.

The aesthetics of this vehicle are impressive. Especially if you install the optional canopy. It has ample storage space at the front and the back, which you can lock to keep your belongings secure.

It’s not a surprise that this scooter is a prize winner!





Here’s What You Get When You Buy A 3 Wheel Scooter From Electric Wheelchairs USA

  • Safe Shopping with secure online transactions.
  • Brand new item shipped directly from the manufacturer to you
  • A manufacturer warranty included with your purchase
  • Fast and free shipping
  • No sales tax in most states
  • A Low Price Guarantee

To Sum Up

A 3-wheel scooter is a great choice to make your life easier and broaden the scope of your activities. If you’re having a hard time moving from place to place, consider one of the vehicles on this list.

They’re all reliable, efficient, and suitable for indoor and outdoor activities. I’ve included a variety of features to suit individual needs. They also come at a broad range of prices, so you can pick the one closest to your requirements. 

If you aren't sure if any of these units are best for you, check out our article of the Top 9 Folding Mobility Scooters of 2020.  Some of these units are on this list also, but they are all made for the active person who wants to take their unit with them where ever they go.

If would rather have a lightweight folding power wheelchair, we also have a great article of the Best Folding Power Wheelchairs of 2020.  These are perfect choices for someone looking for an electric wheelchair who is active and on the go.

If you have any questions or you think I may have left some 3 wheel units off this list, please don't hesitate to contact me at  I would love to hear from you!  Or if you need any help or have an questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call at 800-682-9444 and one of our agents will be happy to help you.



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