Top Mobility Influencers

Apr 06, 2021 0 comments Abby Haukongo
Top Mobility Influencers

Social media has changed the world. There are many positive aspects of social media, as can be seen with these top mobility influencers. It not only allows us to connect with others in the community in ways we may not have had before, but it also provides a platform to be heard.

Here's a look at people with disabilities who have used social media to let their voices be heard.

Squirmy and Grubs

Squirmy and Grubbs Lifestyle Image

Started by Shane and Hannah, Squirmy and Grubs is a amazing Youtube channel that documents their unique relationship. Click the link below to check out their channel.

New Mobility

New Mobility Lifestyle Image

Started in 1989, New Mobility is a magazine for active wheelchair users. Their monthly publication covers health, disability rights, adaptive technology and lifestyle topics.

Curb Free with Cory Lee

Curb Free with Cory Lee Logo

Curb Free with Cory Lee is awesome blog that is all about wheelchair travelling. The main goal of the blog is to show people how to travel, where to travel, and most importantly, why travel as a person with a disability.


Wheels2Walking Lifestyle Image

Started by Richard, Wheels2Walking is a blog full of entertaining and educational content for wheelchair users. Click the link below to check out the blog.

Roll with Cole & Charisma

Role with Cole and Charisma

Started by Cole and Charisma, Role with Cole and Charisma YouTube Channel's goal is to bring people into their lives, their relationship, to answer some questions about how they navigate the world with some of the behind-the-scenes stuff people typically don't see, and hopefully raise awareness surrounding accessibility and dating in a wheelchair.

Zack Collie

Zack Collie Lifestyle Image

Zack Started his Youtube channel to spread awareness about spinal cord injuries and my life living as one. His channel has over 153K subscribers. Click the link below to checkout his videos.

Lauren “Lolo” Spencer / Sitting Pretty

Lauren “Lolo” Spencer Lifestyle Image

Sitting Pretty is a lifestyle brand dedicated to showcasing people with disabilities in an authentic way, with the mission to dispel ableist stereotypes of people in the disability community and how we experience life and show up in society.

We Carry Kevan

We Carry Kevan Lifestyle Image

We Carry Kevan is a team of four men banded together recently to give their wheelchair-bound friend an experience he will never forget. The team is helping those they've inspired, to have adventures of their own and live the impossible.

Kevin and Kassy

Kevin and Kassy Lifestyle Image

Kevin and Kassy are a awesome interabled couple. Their YouTube videos include everything from their fertility journey, life experiences, and their daily life in vlogs!

Wheelsnoheels (Gem Hubbard)

Wheelsnoheels lifestyle image

Wheelsnoheels is a YouTube channel for wheelchair users. Every week, you will find videos on Paraplegic Lifestyle, Disability Chats, Vlogs, life on Wheels, Travel Disability Hacks and much more.

Jillian Mercado

Jillian Mercado Lifestyle Image

Jillian Mercado is a popular disabled model. She has appeared on shows like The L Word: Generation Q and is also the founder of Black Disabled Creatives.

Wheelchair Daddy

Wheelchair Daddy Logo

Wheelchair Daddy is a popular blog about the everyday life of a husband and dad who just so happens to have cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair. Click the link below to check it out.

Started by John Morris, is a blog where you can follow along as he travels the world with one hand, a passport and a power wheelchair!


SPINALpedia Logo

SPINALpedia is a social mentoring network and video archive website that allows the spinal cord injury community to motivate each other with the knowledge and triumphs gained from their individual experiences.

Free Wheelin'

Free Wheelin'

Started by Karin Willison, Her blog Free Wheelin' documents her travel adventures across USA with her her service dog. Click the link below to check it out.

Zach Anner

Zach Anner Lifestyle Image

Zach Anner is a Youtube Influencer with over 371k followers. On his channel, you can find everything awesome gear reviews to fun entertaining videos. Click the link below to check it out.

Megan DeJarnett

Megan DeJarnett

Megan DeJarnett is a Instagram Influencer with over 6,200 influencers. She is the the author of children’s book No Such Thing As Normal. Click the link below to check her profile out.

Alyssa Higgins

This is Wheel Life

Alyssa Higgins is a disability advocate with over 66.8K followers on Instagram. Click the link below to check her profile out.

Spin The Globe

Spin The Globe Lifestyle Image

Started by Sylvia, Spin the Globe is a award-winning wheelchair accessible travel blog that serves as an invaluable resource for thousands of readers every day. Click the link below to check it out.

Have Wheelchair Will Travel

Have Wheelchair Will Travel

Started is a blog where they share their wheelchair travel tips and day-to-day experiences with their son who lives with a disability. Click through to learn more about the blog.

Push Living

Push Living Logo is an online Disability Magazine with a fascinating view of the people, places, and things that will intrigue and enlighten you. They will highlight the wheelchair friendly paths to inclusive travel destinations and magnificently accessible properties.

iAccess Life

iAccess Life Logo

iAccessLife is a lifestyle mobile application provided to users with all types of mobility impairments that allows them to rate and review visited locations. Click the link below to check out their app.

ABILITY Magazine

Ability Magazine Logo

ABILITY Magazine is ranked in the Top 50 Magazines in the World — and is the leading magazine covering Health, Disability and Human Potential. They are an award-winning publication, distributed by Time-Warner. For over 27 years, their mission has been to provide new insights into their individual levels of ability.

Chelsie Hill

Chelsie Hill Lifestyle Image

Community Leader, Trailblazer, Entrepreneur, and Founder of the Rollettes Dance Team, Chelsie Hill has dedicated her life to dance and encouraging others to pursue their passions despite the physical obstacles they face and the tribulations of life. You can know more about her by clicking the link below.


Curable Logo

Started by Stephanie Thoams, Cur8able is a blog that is all about disability fashion. Her blog has been featured on some of the top websites like Forbes, People etc.

Yvette Pegues

Yvette Pegues Lifestyle Image

Yvette Pegues is popular mobility influencer with a mission to Empower, Equip, Include People with Disabilities through advocacy, policy, collaboration of corporate/community organization and business relationships.

Sylvia Longmire

Sylvia Longmire Lifestyle Image

Sylvia Longmire is wheelchair influencer from Florida who blogs about all the awesome wheelchair accessible destinations in Florida. Click the link below to check out her profile.

Tiphany Adams

Tiphany Adams

Tiphany Adams is an American reality television personality, actress, model and speaker. You can know more about her by clicking the link below.

Jesi Stracham

jesi stracham Lifestyle Image

Jesi Stracham is a popular wheelchair influencer who started the Wheel With Me series to show people how she uses her obstacles to live life to the fullest. Click the link below to check out her profile.

Wheelchair Ryder

Wheelchair Ryder Lifestyle Image

Started by Ryder Crosby, Wheelchair Ryder is YouTube Channel that is full of awesome wheelchair tips and much more. Click the link below to check the channel out.

Annie Elainey

Annie Elainey

Annie Elainey is a popular disability influencer. On her YouTube Channel, You can find videos related to body image, gender, race, LGBT+, disability, chronic illness, and mental health.

Jordan Bone

Jordan Bone

Jordan Bone is a Instagram Influencer with over 140K followers. She is also a self love and success coach. Click the link below to check her profile out.



TaLisha is a Disability Influencer who was also crowned Ms. Wheelchair of Delaware in 2020. Click the link below to check her profile out.

Rose Marie Hollermann

Rose Marie Hollermann

Rose Hollermann is an American 2X Paralympian 3.5 point wheelchair basketball player who won gold at the 2011 Women's U25 Wheelchair Basketball World Championship. Click the link below to check out her Instagram.

Tatiana A. Lee

Esther Vergeer  Lifestyle Image

Esther Mary Vergeer is a retired Dutch wheelchair tennis player. She has won 48 Grand Slam tournaments, 23 year-end championships and 7 Paralympics titles. Click the link below to check out her Instagram Page.

Tatiana A Lee

Tatiana A Lee

Tatiana A Lee is the founder and editor of Accessible Hollywood, where she highlights her journey as an actress, model, speaker & lifestyle influencer born with Spina Bifida.


Abby Haukongo

Abby Haukongo is a key contributor at Electric Wheelchairs USA, known for her deep knowledge in the powered mobility sector. Her expertise in internet technology and content creation enhances her ability to cover trending topics in this niche. Abby's unique blend of technical acumen and industry insights makes her an invaluable asset, providing readers with well-informed, relevant content on the latest developments in powered mobility.

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