Top 5 Power Wheelchairs With High Weight Capacity in 2020
Regardless of your stand on obesity, the fact remains that this particular health condition is almost always associated with mobility issues.

According to data published by The State of Obesity, the obesity rate among our nation's adults was nearing the 40% mark between the years 2015-2016.  This means over 90 million American adults suffer from mobility difficulties owing to being overweight.

In order to help those people lead a better life with more freedom to move around
their homes and outdoors, power wheelchairs came into the picture. Such heavy-duty electric wheelchairs are built specifically to offer high weight capacities. 

Today we'll be helping you choose the best power wheelchair for heavy people, so let's not waste any time and get down to business!




What To Consider Before Buying A Heavy-Duty Wheelchair?

When trying to pick a heavy-duty power wheelchair, there are certain points you need to take into account to land the best possible purchase:


Wheelchair Weight Capacity

First and foremost, you must pay close attention to the wheelchair weight limits, also known as, the weight capacity.  This corresponds to the maximum allowed weight that a wheelchair can support while maintaining proper performance.

Since we're discussing power wheelchairs with the highest weight capacities, you'll find options on our list going as heavy as 700 pounds of capacity.

However, you should note that the closer the rider's weight to the maximum weight capacity, the more likely the speed of the wheelchair to be compromised. Heavy-duty wheelchairs are built to resist such an impact.


Seat Comfort

One of your top properties while deciding on a power wheelchair should be focused on the comfort level provided by its seat.

Consequently, when we mention comfort, we'll need to talk about padding. Currently, almost all brands of power wheelchairs offer padded seats, but there are some models out there equipped with extra layers of padding to appease people seeking additional comfort.

Padding is also rather crucial if you're going to be using the wheelchair frequently for extended periods.


Drive Range

Measured in miles, the drive or travel range is the maximum distance a power wheelchair is capable of covering on a full, single battery charge. Simply, the range is how long you can ride the wheelchair before it gives out.

Generally, you'll find electric wheelchairs with an average travel range of 10 mph (miles per hour), some types can reach up to 20 or 25 mph.

You'll need to estimate your daily mileage so you can find a model that delivers adequate range.



Typically, the speed of your power wheelchair should match the average speed of walking so you can keep up with your friends and family.

Humans walk at an approximate speed of 3 to 4 mph, and electric wheelchairs usually offer a top speed of 2 to 5 mph. This means that finding a suitable model should be easy enough.


Turning Radius

Finally but just as important, you should check the maximum turning radius of the electric wheelchair.  The turning radius determines how sharp a power wheelchair can turn. This is a particularly critical aspect that affects how easy you can move around corners and tricky edges.  Basically, the tighter the turning radius of the wheelchair, the better its maneuverability.

Anyway, lets get into helping you choose choose the best power wheelchair for heavy people, so let's not waste any time and get down to our top picks!





Top 5 Bariatric Power Wheelchairs in 2020

1. Merits P183


Merits P183

Kicking off our list, the Travel Ease P183 from Merits is a folding power wheelchair designed to facilitate indoors as well as outdoors navigation.

It comes with a 12 Volt battery that offers a maximum speed of 4 mph, as well as a maximum travel range of up to 25 miles per single charge. The Merits P183 power wheelchair can hold an impressive weight capacity of 700 pounds.  

It features a turning radius of 27 inches, offering adjustable armrests and footrests. The Travel Ease power wheelchair weighs 190 pounds, with a battery tray that can be folded for extra portability.


If you don't quite need that high of a weight capacity, you can check out the same unit in a 600 lbs weight capacity, the P182 or the same one with a 450 lbs weight capacity, the P181.




2. Pride Jazzy 1450


Pride Jazzy 1450

With a butter-smooth front-wheel-drive system and a swingarm suspension, the Jazzy 1450 model from Pride is a true example of stability and reliability.

This power wheelchair can support a rider's weight up to 600 pounds. It features a top-notch performing motor operated by two 12 Volt batteries that deliver a maximum distance of 15.7 miles on a single charge.

The Jazzy 1450 power chair reaches a top speed of 4.5 mph and offers a turning radius as tight as 26.5 inches. You can pick from 2 color options: candy apple red or viper blue.





3. PaceSaver Scout Boss 675

PaceSaver Scout Boss 675

The Scout Boss 675 Power Chair by PaceSaver is part of their 6 Series which is designed to deliver the highest level of support and dependability. The signature "Com-for-Back" seat is well padded with orthopedic contours to maximize your comfort.

The Scout Boss supports weight up to 675 pounds, offering a decent turning radius of 27 inches. It can reach an impressive top speed of 4.6 mph, while a single full charge of the battery provides up to 20 miles range depending on the terrain.

The PaceSaver Power Chair is available in 3 vibrant Mirror-Glaze™ colors.




4. Merits P710

Merits P710

The Merits Atlantis Power Chair serves plus-size patients with outstanding support and stability. It features four-seat posts with a heavy-duty frame to boost durability.

It can hold a maximum weight capacity of 600 pounds and comes with a 24-Inch wide seat. You can choose between the 2 types, Captain's Seat or Seat Pan.

The Atlantis P710 Power Chair can reach a speed up to 5mph, as well as a range of 30 miles running on a single battery charge. It has a turning radius of 31.5 inches and is available in red and blue.




5. Drive Medical Trident HD

Drive Medical Trident HD

Last but not least, the Trident HD Power Chair by Drive Medical is powered by a 12 Volt battery, offering a maximum range of 15 miles per charge. It can go as fast as 4 mph, with a turning radius of 29 inches.

The Captain's style seat is semi-reclining and features an adjustable headrest as well as padded armrests. The Trident HD Power Chair boasts a weight capacity of up to 450 pounds.

It has large 14-Inch anti-tip front wheels equipped with suspension for a safe, smooth ride.



Wrap Up

Figuring out how to buy the best power wheelchair with high weight capacity can be a real challenge when you have limited knowledge. However, following our article, we’re confident you’ll be making the most suitable choice for your needs and budget.

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