The Best Lift Systems For Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters

Jan 14, 2022 0 comments Abby Haukongo
The Best Lift Systems For Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters


As more and more Americans purchase mobility scooters, the need for the best lift system for heavy duty mobility scooters, the device that helps place your mobility scooter securely into a vehicle, has increased. There are four basic types of mobility scooter lifts: Inside vehicle lift/hoist, outside lifts/hitch mount and the hybrid vehicle lifts.

We are going to take a look at three popular lift systems that we recommend for heavy duty mobility scooters.

Best Lift Systems For Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters



Weight Capacity

Product Weight

Types of Lifts


400 pounds

102 pounds



AL100 HD

400 pounds

84 pounds


AL435T Tailgater

400 pounds

81 pounds



1. Harmar AL301XL Fusion Power Chair And Scooter Lift


Harmar AL301XL Fusion Power Chair And Scooter Lift


The Harmar AL301XL is a heavy duty lift that can support up to 400 pounds. It is powered by a hardwired battery, and by flipping a switch you can automatically lower or raise the lift.

The Harmar AL301XL works great with bigger mobility scooters due to its oversized 36x39-inch aluminum deck, which can extend from 39 to 53 inches through adjustable cradles.

The AL301XL comes with self-tensioning retractors allowing you to attach your mobility scooter to your car without having to drill holes. It can support a device with a wheelbase of up to 48 inches.

The AL301XL weighs just 102 pounds and has a hitch height of 5 to 18 inches.

2. Harmar AL100HD Heavy Duty Platform Scooter Lift


Harmar AL100HD Heavy Duty Platform Scooter Lift


The AL100HD is another quality heavy duty lift system by Harmar. This model of heavy-duty mobility scooter lift is widely known and is popular as the most used outside scooter lift.

Just like the Harmar AL301XL, this vehicle lift can also handle just about any mobility scooter with a weight of up to about 400 pounds, and it also needs no modifications or drilled holes in order to attach it to your vehicle.

It has an aluminum deck with a deck size of 27.5x39 inches, which can be extended to 47 inches. This unit is slightly lighter than the Harmar AL100HD and weighs just 84 pounds. It also has a hitch height of 5 to 18 inches.  

3. Harmar AL435T Tailgater 3-Axis Truck Lift


Harmar AL435T Tailgater 3-Axis Truck Lift


The Harmar AL435T Tailgater is another great vehicle lift from Harmar. It is perfect for using to lift your mobility scooter onto a truck without damaging the truck or the scooter in the process. This lift is also battery hardwired.

It has adjustable limit switches, which will automatically stop rotation if it detects that the device is too close to the vehicle. The boom height can be adjusted from 34 to 42 inches and the arm angle can be adjusted in 5 degree increments from horizontal to 35 degrees.

It has an offset arm designed to extend reach beyond the lowered tailgate. It also comes with weatherized electronics to resist harsh weather conditions in an external environment.

This vehicle lift operates very quietly and can support a weight of up to 400 pounds. It is the lightest of the three at just 81 pounds.

These types of mobility scooter lifts that are attached to the outside of the vehicle, for example to a trailer hitch on the back of the car, are very popular because they are so easy to install. If your car has a tailgate or a rear hatch, then a swing away lift will be ideal as you will still be able to access parts of your car with the lift attached.


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