Shoprider Echo 3-Wheeler vs Shoprider Echo 4-Wheeler: A Comparison Of Two Great Mobility Scooters. Which Chair Is Right For You?

Shoprider is a well-known and respected name when it comes to mobility scooters. Since 1988, Shoprider has been leading the way for more than 30 years, easily recognized as one of the top mobility chair brands in the U.S. and world today. 

But here’s the problem.

How do you choose which mobility chair is right for you, especially when you’ve got so many great options available?

Shoprider's Echo 3-Wheeler and Echo 4-Wheeler models are both great choices for those in need of an indoor/outdoor option that is lightweight and has a comfortable seat.

Both models have a comfortable seat, making them a joy to ride around as you do errands and meet up with loved ones.

Ultimately, the choice between these two mobility scooters comes down to personal preferences and needs. 

If you are looking for a lightweight indoor/outdoor mobility scooter with a comfortable seat, either the Echo 3 or Echo 4 would be a great choice. 

However, if you need a mobility scooter with a higher weight capacity, the Shoprider Echo 4 would be the better option.

While both chairs are high quality and both are used for similar reasons, they are different in many ways.

In this article, we're going to compare the Echo Lightweight 3-Wheel Travel Scooter and Echo Folding 4-Wheel Folding Scooter to help you determine which model is right for your needs.

 So, how does one choose between the Shoprider Echo 3 vs Shoprider Echo 4?

 Let's start by learning more about each model separately.

Shoprider Echo Light Weight 3-Wheel Travel Scooter - SL73

The Shoprider Echo 3 wheel scooter is an extremely lightweight mobility option which allows you to move through small spaces with ease. 

The affordable price tag makes this product perfect for any budget-conscious buyer who wants more than just their money's worth in terms of features.

With adjustable seat height, basket accessory storage area and flat-free tires, you can use it on most surfaces without worrying about cutting through its rubber coating; this mobility chair has it all!



The freedom of movement is yours with this scooter.

  • Built for Traveling: You can assemble and disassemble the Echo 3 wheeler in under a minute, making it super easy to store the chair in your car trunk
  • Lightweight: Weighing in at only 70 pounds fully assembled and able to handle a weight capacity of 250 pounds, you can take this chair apart to make it even easier to pick up
  • Comfortable: Between the adjustable seat height, flip-down armrests and padded seat and backrest... you'll feel comfortable and at ease when cruising around!
  • Safety First: With puncture proof tires and the ability to easily maneuver through tight spaces, you'll feel safe and secure at all times

You can get an affordable model that's practical and easy to use for your everyday needs - without sacrificing any style or performance at all!

Shoprider Echo Folding 4-Wheel Folding Scooter - FS777

The Shoprider Echo FS777 Folding 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter is also a lightweight, affordable and portable travel scooter that will have you zipping around town in no time!

This is one of the lightest and most compact scooters on today's market. It weighs just 59 pounds with its battery installed, making it easy to carry, even if you're traveling by yourself. 



You can fold up this mobility device quickly - collapsing the chair into an incredibly small size which will fit anywhere from your car trunk all the way  to your backseat--and then store them out of sight until needed again.

  • Folds in Under 10 Seconds: Within moments, you'll be zipping around town on your new scooter. It's so compact and easy to store!
  • Indoor Riding: It’s only 17.5 inches wide, so you’ll never get stuck in doorways or tight spaces. 
  • Lightweight and Powerful: With a 10Ah battery and 200 pound weight capacity, this mobility scooter will give you up to 9 miles of driving distance on one charge while weighing only 59 pounds!
  • Comfort and Safety: The dependable Shoprider SF777 mobility scooter will have you stopping in your tracks with its electric braking system. Let off the throttle and the brakes engage to bring things smoothly back down to a halt

Let's Compare The Two Models!

To make things easier, we will be referring to the Echo Lightweight 3-Wheel Travel Scooter as the "3-Wheeler"...

And the Echo Folding 4-Wheel Folding Scooter as the "4-Wheeler"...

#1: The 4-Wheeler Is Lighter Than The 3-Wheeler, But Heavier To Place Into A Car

The 4-wheeler doesn't come apart, so it is heavier, even though the 4-wheeler weighs only 59 pounds (50 pounds when the battery is removed). By contrast, the heaviest piece on the 3-wheeler weighs 35 pounds.

However, there are other considerations than just overall weight. You want to make sure you don’t hurt yourself when picking up your mobility scooter. Always protect yourself against injury and make sure you can handle the overall weight.

#2: The 4-Wheeler Takes Less Time To Store And Get Ready For Use

The 4-wheeler is faster to get ready because you don't have to take it apart, it simply folds back into place, ready for use. It literally takes 10 seconds to prepare for use!

Folding back into place, ready for use; this fast-folding feature saves time in preparation and reduces anxiety about forgetting a part of your chair at home.

The 3-wheeler needs to be taken apart, which will add a minute to your assembly and disassembly time. You also need to make sure you’ve got all of the parts before driving off on an adventure.

#3: The 3-Wheeler Has A Weight Capacity Of 250 lbs. Vs 200 lbs. For The 4-Wheeler

Quite simply put, the 3-wheeler can handle about 50 more pounds of weight than the 4-wheeler.

So, if your body weight is slightly over 200 pounds, then we recommend the 3-wheeler over the 4-wheeler.

#4: The 4-Wheeler Has A Driving Range Of 9 Miles Vs 8 Miles For The 3-Wheeler

While this isn't a huge difference in traveling distance, for some people, it might matter. For instance, if you have a preferred route you love taking every morning, and the distance is just around the 8 mile mark, the 4-wheeler might be the better option.

Something to keep in mind if you plan on driving for longer distances, or using your chair for longer periods during the day.

#5: They Basically Have The Same Max Speed (3-Wheeler Is Slightly Faster)

If speed is important to you, then you don't have to wonder which model is faster. They have almost the same max speed, with the 3-wheeler being a fraction faster than its 4-wheel counterpart.

#6: The 3-Wheeler Comes With A Front Basket While The 4-Wheeler Doesn't Have Additional Storage Space

Storage space is a bit better on the 3-wheeler vs the 4-wheeler because the 3-wheeler comes with a front mounted basket.

While you can purchase a basket and hang it around the handle bars on the 4-wheeler, the model doesn't come with a pre-mounted basket or an easy way to secure a basket to the chair.

#7: The 3-Wheeler Is Cheaper Than The 4-Wheeler

Without factoring in any special discounts or sales events, the 3-wheeler is cheaper than the 4-wheeler, but not by a huge margin.

However, here at Electric Wheelchairs U.S.A., besides offering our lowest price guarantee, we also run special sales events on specific models from time to time. Make sure to check out our product pages for more information.

#8: Both Are Easy To Recharge And Come With A Charging Cable

If you're worried about how to recharge your chair, fear not. It's as easy as plugging a cable into the wall socket in your home.

Both chairs come with a recharging cable designed to work perfectly with your chosen chair... simply plug the chair into your wall outlet and the battery will recharge!

#9: Warranty Comparisons

Both chairs come with a solid warranty, but they are slightly different. Here's a comparison of the warranties for the two chairs:

Warranty For The 4-wheeler:

  • Frame - 12 Months
  • Electronics - 12 Months on Electrical Harness
  • Controller - 12 Months
  • Motor/Gearbox - 12 Months
  • Batteries - 6 Months

Warranty For The 3-wheeler:

  • Frame - 12 Months
  • Electronics - 12 Months on Electrical Harness
  • Controller - 12 Months
  • Motor/Gearbox - 12 Months

#10: Both Come With Excellent Financing Options

For those who want to pay a low monthly amount instead of paying everything upfront, we've got some great news for you...

... we've partnered with Klarna to offer our customers the option of financing their chair at as low as 0% interest, for qualified purchasers!

When you go to the product page of either chair, make sure to check and see if you prequalify for financing.


So, which should you choose, the Echo 3 or Echo 4? 

The answer really depends on what you need. 

If you struggle to lift 50 pounds into your car trunk, then you will be better off with the Echo 3-wheeler, which can be taken apart and the heaviest piece being only 35 pounds.

If you want the added convenience of simply unfolding your mobility scooter and driving off into the sunset… then the Echo 4-wheeler is the better option.

In short, the answer to which model is best for you can only be determined by your current circumstances. You also might find our guide "Key Measurements to Determine the Best Wheelchair Fit" helpful.

Both scooters are lightweight and have comfortable seats, so choosing between them really depends on what your specific needs are.

No matter which one you choose, Shoprider is a well-respected name in the mobility scooter industry so you can’t go wrong with either of these models.

If you’re not sure which model would be best for you, then head on over to our product page and take a closer look at the specifics of each scooter. 

We’re confident that you’ll find the perfect mobility solution… whether you go with the Echo 3 or Echo 4. 

Thanks for reading!

Need Help Deciding?

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