Mobility Scooter Security: How To Keep Your Mobility Scooter Safe and Secure


Want to keep your mobility scooter safe and secure? When investing in a mobility scooter you want to make sure that it is protected from theft and that it is kept in the best working order possible. Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind for the protection of your mobility device:

Remove The Key

The first rule in mobility scooter security is to never leave the key in the device while not attended to. Always double check to make sure you have your key with you when you leave your mobility scooter unattended even for a short period of time.

Invest In A Wheel Clamp

A wheel clamp is a very affordable way of keeping your mobility device secure. They have been tested to withstand most of the tools used by thieves. When in use the wheel clamp locks around one wheel and makes it impossible to drive off with the mobility device. It could be difficult to use if you cannot reach the ground to fit the clamp though. Make sure to take along the correct measurements when wanting to buy one, in order to ensure a proper fit.

Purchase A Scooter With An Alarm Or Install An Alarm

Some scooters come equipped with anti-theft systems as a standard feature. Specifically, many E-Wheels models come with alarms that work similar to vehicle alarms.  However, if your scooter does not come equipped with an alarm installing one can be an inexpensive way of securing your mobility device. Just like with any other alarm, installing a mobility scooter alarm will emit a sound if motion is detected. Be it someone sitting on your mobility scooter or attempting to move it when the alarm is activated. These alarms typically come with various volume setting options.

Store Your Mobility Scooter In A Safe Place

Where would you store your mobility scooter when you are back home after a busy day of driving around and enjoying yourself? The best place to store your mobility device when you are home is inside, and preferably in a location where it is easy for you to charge the battery. If you are unable to keep the mobility scooter inside, then store it close to your home and secure it with a wheel clamp or lock.

Track Your Mobility Scooter

It is quite beneficial to install a tracking device for your mobility scooter, as it provides an extra layer of security and control, if your mobility scooter is stolen. A tracking device works through GPS and can track your mobility scooter and alert you with a text message of its whereabouts. Most GPS trackers used for bikes can also be used for mobility scooters.

Insure Your Mobility Scooter

The last recommendation in securing your mobility scooter is to take out insurance to cover your device should it be stolen. Speak with an insurance agent to determine which policy type is the best for you and your device.


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