Merits S941L Silverado Extreme Review

Oct 01, 2021 0 comments Abby Haukongo
Merits S941L Silverado Extreme Review


The Merits S941L Silverado Extreme is a sporty looking black bariatric scooter with large wheels and full suspension, ideal for the rugged outdoors.

It comes with a cushy high-back captain’s seat and an adjustable headrest with height and width adjustable armrests.

Also included in the package are LED headlights, rear lights, tiller lights and turning lights. The digital dashboard displays maintenance messages, temperature reading, a battery gauge and usage hours.

A great feature this scooter has it that it senses when you turn and automatically drops to half the speed.

The Merits S731 Roadster Deluxe has a weight capacity of 450 pounds, a maximum speed of 9.6 mph, a driving range of up 55 miles on a single battery, a maximum climbing gradient of 10 degrees, a turning radius of 82.7 inches and ground clearance of 5.1 inches.

Below is a product review video of the Merits S941L Silverado Extreme. Check it out!



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