How to Get the Best Deals on the Purchase of Mobility Devices



When buying a mobility device there are obviously a lot of factors to take into consideration, with price in most cases taking center stage. Keeping that in mind, we have come up with a list of tips to help you get the best deal on your purchase when shopping for a mobility device.

Tips To Get The Best Deals

Freebies Are Great

When purchasing a mobility device, look for dealers that advertise perks like a free gift with your purchase. These gifts could be things such as a cup holder, storage bag, etc. Normally when purchased separately they could be pricey. Although there may not always be an offer running, it does not hurt to ask.

Sign Up For Promotion Or Special Offer Emails

Many mobility device dealers send out exclusive offers via e-mail. Thus, signing up for newsletters and email lists is a great way to stay up to date on their best and latest offers as well as product updates. If you receive mail via Gmail check the promotions section, as many awesome deals could be hiding in there.

Save On Shipping Costs

When comparing prices while shopping you must stay alert and notice things. Are you comparing prices without including the shipping fee or is shipping free? Depending on where you are located, shipping fees can add a couple of hundred dollars to the purchase cost. Make sure to take this into consideration and not be caught by surprise.

Catch Last Minute Deals

Some people like to do extensive research before purchasing something. If this is you, make sure to check with the Sales Associate as there could be offers running on that particular day you decide to purchase. Sometimes these last-minute deals are too good to be missed.

Do Not Just Focus On Big Holiday Sales

Black Friday sales can be incredible, but did you know that prices of mobility devices drop low multiple times in the year? Therefore, keep an eye on all “special days” like Veteran’s Day, Father’s Day etc. Especially since there are extra offers running around those days.

Other Factors To Consider To Grab The Best Deal

Also make sure that you understand all hidden charges and expenses that you might possibly incur in future. To make the right purchase decision goes further than just getting the right price when purchasing. Keep the following tips in mind:


When purchasing a mobility device, you will notice that most mobility device sellers offer financing through a third-party. It is a common rule that the longer the payment cycle you choose, the higher the interest will be that you will pay over-time.


Sometimes insurance will cover all or a portion of the purchase price. To better understand where you are standing and how you are covered, chat with your insurance provider.

After Sales Service

This is one important factor that is so often overlooked, especially after the product is purchased. Test out the retailers from whom you want to buy. Call customer service or send a simple message to their social media pages. For example, if sending a message to their Facebook page, are they able to answer your question and offer support? Things as simple as those give you a clearer picture into their customer service standards.

Restocking Fees

Restocking fees are also an important factor to take into consideration when purchasing a mobility device. Whether your purchase is made online or in-store, you must consider the possibility that you might not like the product. What do you do then? What if it is not as comfortable as you would have liked it to be? Make sure you ask about the sellers restocking fee policy.  

Is The Offer Too Good

Unfortunately, there are a lot of fraudsters in the world. If you see an advertisement with a price that is much lower than anywhere else, it is probably a scam. The advertised price for most products will be the same or similar no matter where you shop unless the dealer is offering a discount. So be leery of any price that is unusually low.


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