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William Vogt
EV Rider Spring PROBLEMS

After saving for a whole year, I should have read the reviews. Front tires are to soft require two or three people to get it moving. I will have to buy hard front tires. Recline won’t lock in place.

Robert Deel
Great except front wheels

I helped my parents buy this wheelchair for my mom. We all love the wheelchair AFTER we replaced the front wheels with thinner and less grippy wheels from Amazon. The issue with the original front wheels is that they would spin part way around and then "lock" making it almost impossible to push the chair. It's like they would grip the floor too much and just get stuck sideways. It would do this continually and if you weren't really careful, you'd almost tip the chair forward and dump the rider out. We worked with the manufacturer for weeks and tried everything they suggested, but none of it resolved the problem. Luckily my dad knew how to fix the replacing the front wheels with skinnier and slicker ones, we now absolutely love this wheelchair. I can't post a link within this review so here's a description of the replacement wheels so you can try to search for them on your own. Wheel Replacement for Wheelchairs 8 inch by 1 inch - make sure inner diameter is 5/16" of bearings for the axle as well as the hub being 2.5".

T Stewart
Stage 4 pressure sore from hard seat

Mother and I loved her new wheelchair but she developed a small sore on her coccyx due to the hard cushion. PT replaced that with a Rojo cushion but the sore developed into a stage 4 pressure sore, likely due to the fact that under the cushion is plywood instead of the usual cloth "sling". She will be bedridden for a long time in hopes that the huge sore (about 4 inches long, 3 inches wide, and an inch and a half DEEP!) will eventually heal. I was shocked at the extensive damage. It is a good wheelchair but anyone that uses it should check their skin often and avail themselves of the tilt feature and maybe replace the cushion.

John Judge

Great product, practical, functional and durable

T Stewart
Great wheelchair but seat too hard!

My mother loves her new wheelchair that helps her sit erect. However, she developed a sore on her coccyx from the hard seat. Her facility replaced it with a softer one and she is healing nicely. There's a bit of a trick to make sure the leg supports lock in place. The wheelchair has brightened her mood and ours!

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